Get a New Kindle 4 eBook Reader for $47.40 from Amazon

Kindle 4 Sale

Amazon is running an incredibly good deal on the Kindle 4 where you can get the ad-supported model for just $47.40, or the non-ad Kindle 4 for $65.40. The deal grants 40% off Kindle accessories placed with the same order too, or separately—as long as they are shipped by Amazon and not a third party vendor.

But there’s a catch. In order to get the discount, you have to a) pay with an Amazon Rewards Visa card and b) use promo code kindle40 during checkout. And the deal expires August 15th.

If you already have a Amazon credit card this is a ridiculously good deal. A brand new Kindle 4 for $47.40 with free shipping! I’ve never seen a new Kindle priced that low. When I reviewed the Kindle 4 last year I was surprised by the quality of the device and the amount of features you get for $79 much less $47.40.

Up to $100 in total savings can be applied to an order so you can get multiple Kindles at the same 40% discount if you are so inclined.

Even if Amazon releases a new Kindle next week that’s a hard offer to pass up.

If you don’t have an Amazon credit card, you can sign up to get one at Amazon. Plus it comes with a $30 credit if approved so that could make the deal even better. That’s what I did a couple of years ago to get $30 off the Kindle WiFi after it was first released. Just make sure you intend to pay the card off every month if you go that route because the interest rates are terrible. The points system is really good though; I get lots of free stuff from Amazon.

11 Responses to “Get a New Kindle 4 eBook Reader for $47.40 from Amazon”

  1. I have often wondered about that card. Are there annual or monthly fees? Any catches other than high interest on carry over balances?

    • No fees. But I think the lowest interest rate they give is like 12%.I use it for all my purchases and then pay it off every month because it’s one of the best cards for building up points and cashing them in for Amazon purchases. I’m one of the few people who actually makes money off using credit cards because I never pay interest and then use the points to buy stuff :).

  2. You can root these to lose the ads correct?

  3. Man, I was ready to get this until you added to the ‘required’ options. Oh well, I will wait on the Lighter Kindle then.

  4. The credit card now comes with $50 credit.
    I just ordered one and the final total was $4.38 !!!

    • Yes! I noticed that the credit was up to $50 when I checked yesterday. I think I might apply and spend the credit on ebooks.

  5. The Prime Instant Video app is now being offered for the iPad starting today! I wonder when Android will follow?

  6. Can you get Amazon’s Credit Card to Europe? Also when will it arrive? Can you use it before it arrives, so that you now the credit card number and use it before it arrives(I’m afraid it wont’t reach here before 15th August)

    • I have no idea if Amazon’s CC is available outside the US. You can use it immediately after it’s approved, and yes the non-ad model is apart of the deal.

  7. Also, does this deal work on the 109$ international shipping model(And will i get discount for only 100$)?

  8. Times like these I HATE not being a USA citizen. Such a good deal!