Update for Aldiko Android App Adds New Features


Aldiko is one of the more popular ePub ebook reading apps for Android tablets and the premium version has just gotten an update to add some new features.

Top of the list is the ability to add highlights and notes to passages in ebooks. Along with this there’s a new “Notes & Highlights” section in the menu that lists all your annotations in one place.

Other new features with the 2.2.0 update includes faster book cover loading, faster PDF zooming, better 7-inch tablet support, and a new home screen widget that shows book covers of your recently read titles. The widget requires Android 3.0 and up to work, however.

I haven’t had the time to test out this new version of Aldiko yet to see how well it works, but looking at some of the recent reviews at Google Play it does seem to have caused some issues for some folks.

The biggest complaint with the new version is that it breaks Aldiko Sync, a third party app that lets you sync your Aldiko ebook library across multiple devices using Dropbox. The developer for Aldiko Sync updated the description at Google Play and basically says the new version of Aldiko prevents Aldiko Sync from accessing its database and the only workaround is to downgrade to the previous version or switch to the free version to get sync to work again.

Right now the new features are only available on the Premium Aldiko app, which costs $2.99 at Google Play. They usually update the paid version first; the free version of Aldiko will likely get the new features in a couple of months or so.

P.S. If your device doesn’t have access to the Google Play store, you can get the download for the free Aldiko Android app from the Aldiko website.

7 Responses to “Update for Aldiko Android App Adds New Features”

  1. Based on what people are saying on the Aldiko blog post, the notes/highlights actually existed until a couple of years ago… I’m looking forward to trying it on my Nook Touch just for those two features, I’ve been in Moon+ mostly because of that despite having some problems with it.

  2. Hey I was wondering if Nathan or anyone has tried “Moon Reader.” It looks like a great app, but suffers from a lot of glitches and crashes.

    • I haven’t tried Moon Reader in years. A lot of people like it though.

      • I found that I really enjoy Cool Reader, and perhaps FBReader is my favorite reading application for Android. The free Aldiko is nice, but I think I will use my Play credits to upgrade to the pro version. I’m sure whatever issues that people are griping about will be resolved soon.

      • I’m also interested in Moon+ Reader but I feel like I cannot quantify which is best for me yet based upon the info that I have seen online so far.

        I really enjoy your video reviews of various hardware eReaders’ features. With so many people also buying tablets for reading, mainly ePub and PDF, I’m sure there would be a huge demand for video reviews of each of the main software eReader apps both for Android and iOS; basically video reviews showing the info presented from wikipedia about their respective features:


        Any chance you could do some of your excellent video reviews of software eReader apps like you do so well for the hardware eReaders?

        • That’s something I’ve always intended to do but haven’t had the time to get around to it yet.

          • Yep if only we all had more hours in a day!

            Incidentally, it looks like Mantano Reader may actually be better than Moon+ Reader, although it’s not listed in that Wikipedia comparison page above at all.

            With so few decent video reviews of the various software reader apps I’m sure you’d draw a huge audience, and ad click revenue, from all of those people who bought a jack of all trades (I agree, master of none though) LCD tablet instead a dedicated eInk reader.