Pulse RSS News Reader Comes to Web Browsers

Pulse RSS News Reader

Pulse has made a name for itself over the past couple of years as being one of the best RSS news reader apps for the iPad and iPhone as well as Android tablets and phones.

Thanks to some help from Microsoft, an HTML5 version of Pulse is now available on all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

You can check it out simply by visiting Pulse.me from your computer’s web browser.

If you already use Pulse you can sign in and sync everything across multiple devices. With Pulse you can also login to your Google Reader account to sync all your news sources from there.

For those of you unfamiliar with how RSS readers work, most websites, this one included, use RSS feeds to send out updates whenever a new article is posted. RSS readers make it easy to subscribe to all your favorite websites and blogs to get all your new articles consolidated into one place.

Pulse has a nice visually-appealing layout and easy-to-use interface with different layout and formatting options. It is touchscreen friendly too and supports multitouch gestures with Internet Explorer 10. Pulse also integrates with social network sources, and you can share and comment on articles via social networks too.

Video: Pulse Optimized For Touch on Windows Tablets

2 Responses to “Pulse RSS News Reader Comes to Web Browsers”

  1. Just checking it out now. Signed in with my FaceBook account. Post right from App to FB Twitter. An email option. A way to change font and page size, style, and reading mode either light or dark.
    Looks good so far….

    PS I hate your CAPTCHA CODE thingy- it don’t work sometimes when I know I typed the dang thing in right 🙁

    • Yeah it seems like after a certain amount of time, the code expires and you have to click the back button and resubmit. If you know you have spent over a minute time typing a comment, just click the little refresh button to the top right of the code and it will submit the first time.