Review: Ainol Novo 7 Legend, An Android 4.0 Tablet for Less Than $100

Novo 7 Legend Review

You may recall earlier in the year I reviewed a cheap tablet called the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin that was among the initial wave of sub-$100 Android 4.0 tablets out of China.

This time around we’ve got a user-submitted review of a newer model from Ainol called the Novo 7 Legend. It has some improvements over the Paladin model, and has a 4:3 screen ratio instead of 16:9, and still costs less than $100.

Thanks to James Cloud for the review. Like always, if you have a review you’d like to submit, be it a reading device, an ebook, or ereading software, please feel free to contact me.

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21 Responses to “Review: Ainol Novo 7 Legend, An Android 4.0 Tablet for Less Than $100”

  1. One site worth visiting for tablets is called TabletSprint — and they carry the new Novo 7 Legend — as well as other Android tablets, many with better features than Nexus 7 & Kindle — Another new model available is the Novo 7 Flame and it comes with 32GB for $189 (compare to Nexus 7 32GB at $249) — and has 3 quality features Nexus doesn’t – a MicroSD Memory Card slot for unlimited storage, 2 quality cameras, including a 5 megapixel back camera with Autofocus & Flash; and HDMI output to a large screen TV, which is nice for movie downloads to watch in Full 1080p (HD) – it’s also a great gaming device with a hi-res 1280×800 IPS screen and a 2nd generation dual core processor. Plus Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet & 3G USB Adapter connection. There’s also a 10-inch version released November 25th… the Novo 10 Hero for $225 — Also, the maker of the Novo Series, Ainol Electronics – received a “Best Tablet of the Year” award at CNET Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

    The reseller TabletSprint also offers some nice perks, including $25 in software Apps with all tablets they offer, as well as a FREE 3G/4G 500MB monthly data plan with full internet access and VoIP calling in the U.S. —

    • Interesting, I haven’t heard of this brand before. TabletSprint looks like a reputable site for cheap tablets. Most importantly, they ship from a US warehouse. The improved specs are nice. I have been waiting for new alternative brand tablets to be released with better displays. The CNET endorsement is also a good sign.

  2. Yep… they’re all over the place. Prices for Chinese tablets will always be less when coming from China. Even with expedited shipping, I got my tablet in a week and still came in right around $90 USD. Gadgets Dealer is a good, solid seller from China. There are others out there, but I’ve had solid luck with them in the past, and so have lots of others online. Another good seller is Pandawill. I got the Novo from Gadgets Dealer because the cost with expedited shipping was a bit lower, but your mileage may vary from site to site. Just stick to a name you know to be safe. I didn’t get the Flame specifically for two reasons: I was looking for something in the $100 or less range (that was the target price for my review) and I wanted something that isn’t quite as wide as a widescreen 7 inch tablet (little girl hands, and all). The Legend isn’t a whole lot of tablet from a technical perspective, but it certainly gets the job done and I have another, better 7 inch on the way and I’ll post another review to Nathan when I’ve played around with it for a bit.

  3. Order anything from Gadgets Dealer before Dec 31 and use the promo code MERRY CHRISTMAS for 10% off. Makes these things even cheaper!

  4. Ordered Nov. 20,2012 from GadgetDealers and Dec 8,2012 still waiting, ground shipping method. Upgrade the shipping if you are impatient.

  5. Yep. China Air Post is horrible. If you ordered on 11/20, you MIGHT get it before Christmas…

  6. i m having a gravity sensor problem in my ainol novo7 legend , plzz , anyone suggest me something about that.

  7. What kind of problem, exactly? I haven’t noticed any issues with mine.

  8. same g-sensor prob on a novo 7 legend, in games sensor does not work, for example car games steering does not work. Any help is apreciated.

  9. For the g-sensor problems, try going into settings, go to display, than change the accelerometer coordinate system. Might do the trick. What games, in particular don’t work?

  10. Thanks cloudman for the info, will try that settings (there are only two possibilities)….game not working for example is speed racing, when it starts car crashes to the left side…Thanks for your help!

  11. Be sure to kill off all the bloatware, too. Not too much, just a half dozen or so apps.

    Use Uninstall master from to kill them. They’ll all show up under the system tab.

  12. I bought mine from and I must I admit I’m very happy with it!

  13. for all those who are having g-sensor problems i.e accelerometer problem in playing game go to the settings of the accelerometer and change its co-ordinates to default

  14. hi, ive just recieved my new tablet which is the Ainol Novo 7 Legend and tried turing it on… noticing its not turning on, ive had it on charge now for 3 hours and still cant seem to turn it on.
    ive used the adapter to charge (uk adapter) and the usb cable to charge through the computer and my usb plug adapter and still no luck!
    ive also tried reseting through the mic hole and holding the power on button for 20 seconds and still nothing!
    im now totally lost and confused about what i should be doing…
    since the tablet wont even come on, i cant even tell if its charging at all!?
    any suggestions to what i can do to resolve this issue???

    • Sounds like a classic case of a broken tablet….

    • Charging your tablet from a computer will work but it is extremely slow. Using a USB cable connected to a mains plug is a lot quicker. Max output from plug USB connector should be 5V and 1000 to 2000mA.
      If the charge is below 15% the Legend switches itself off or never switches itself on.
      But as others have suggested it sounds like a duff tablet. Return to retailer for a refund.
      The Legend has a great screen ratio of 4:3 which is far better for e-book reading and web surfing than the usual letterbox size screen on most of all the other 7″ tablets.

  15. BEWARE Don’t Waist Your Money on Ainol. they don’t honor their 12 months warranty, mine won’t charge anymore after 7 months. I have been emailing Ainol many times no respond. and if you give them bad rating on their web page they won’t show it. I paid $120.00 for my Aurora II and it is garbage, dead pixels from day one. HDMI never worked, and battery indicator always shows 100%. Very cheap material. Make sure you deal with a company has support in the USA.

  16. Hello. I am talha and have an ainol novo 7 legend. Its pretty good actually but does it have tv out?

  17. The top 25% of the screen doesn’t work it won’t read anything I try to touch iv tried for hours to try to figure out how to calibrate the screen but I can’t seem to find it any suggestions