Kobo Aura HD Back In Stock

Kobo Aura HD

Earlier in the week I posted about the Kobo Aura HD being out-of-stock at Kobo and several retailers.

That made me wonder if Kobo was already discontinuing their 6.8″ limited edition ereader, but that was mostly because it had appeared to have been removed entirely from Kobo’s main ereader page on their website—but that just turns out to be a bug with my Firefox web browser because it still shows up with other web browsers (Kobo still hasn’t fixed the issue though, so anyone trying to buy the Kobo Aura HD when using the Firefox web browser could have a hard time finding it).

Anyway, the Kobo Aura HD is now back in stock on Kobo’s website. They have two of the three colors available, espresso and ivory, but the onyx ones are still out-of-stock.

It’s good to see that Kobo is continuing to make the Aura HD since it is currently the only ebook reader to have a 6.8″ 1440×1080 resolution E Ink screen. It will be interesting to see if anyone else introduces a similar ebook reader later this year. Right now Kobo has the market all to themselves for a larger, higher resolution screen. Maybe the reason they are having problems keeping it in stock is because it’s been more popular than they’d expected.

4 Responses to “Kobo Aura HD Back In Stock”

  1. I can see it in firefox so I don’t know why you aren’t seeing it. Weird. I am running version 22.0. Are you on Beta? I used to run that but stopped since I realized it was running slower.

    • I’m running 21.0. The weird thing is I ordered the Kobo Aura HD from Kobo using Firefox, and it showed up on the ereader page then. It decided to disappear at some point along the way, and now my Firefox refuses to load the version of the page that shows it. Odd. But not surprising. There are numerous reports of odd web browser happenings at MobileRead too.

      • I guess I just happen to experience a lot of bugs when it comes to Kobo. Maybe my browser doesn’t have the right time set (that’s an inside joke about the time my Kobo Glo went haywire and stopped working because it had the wrong date and time).

  2. I do like the Aura HD but the size is just too small. Maybe
    I’m not a novel reader but I do like to see something bigger than
    9″. Hope Kobo will thing about it. Also, color will be even better,
    just like jetcolor ereader.