Amazon is Running Out of Kindle Paperwhites – $139 Model Gone Now Too

Disappearing Paperwhites

Yesterday I reported about how Amazon had suddenly stopped selling the $119 Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers, that it was only available used and there was no mention of a return date when it would be back in stock.

Now the $139 non-ad Kindle Paperwhite is gone too. It disappeared yesterday evening, less than 24 hours after the cheaper model became unavailable.

That leaves just the 3G Kindle Paperwhite left. And it’s not very affordable at $179 for the Special Offers version and $199 without ads.

It’s hard to read exactly what is going on here. Usually when a device is getting replaced by a newer model, it becomes cheaper, not more expensive. Amazon is giving customers little option but to purchase the much more expensive model. The cheaper basic Kindle is still available, but of course it lacks a touchscreen and a frontlight.

Amazon is expected to announce a predecessor to the Kindle Paperwhite soon, but as I mentioned yesterday they still haven’t even scheduled a press event yet, so a new Kindle is a couple weeks away yet at least.

It’s hard to imagine Amazon going that long without the Wi-Fi Kindle Paperwhite, but they give us no indication that it is coming back any time soon. The product page now directs customers to the other Kindle pages for models that are in stock now, instead of giving a date of its return.

It’s looking more and more likely that the Wi-Fi Kindle Paperwhite is a goner for good on The curious thing is that they are still selling them internationally on other Amazon websites such as,, and even the new

7 Responses to “Amazon is Running Out of Kindle Paperwhites – $139 Model Gone Now Too”

  1. “.. It’s looking more and more likely that the Wi-Fi Kindle Paperwhite is a goner for good on … ”

    This version perhaps. There is probably lots of Paperwhite inventory at non Amazon websites and physical retail stores. This could be a move to flush the inventory in the total sales channel.

    Also, it would not be surprising if Amazon did an “announce and ship” on a replacement. That would be USA only at first so that would be why the other country’s haven’t transition to stopping sales.

    Kobo is hosting a “beyond the book” event today. If that is just an announcement but no shipment then Amazon could counter with an “announce and ship” if they are ready to go with their update. If not ready, can just whether need to add more last year Paperwhite to fill in the mean time. A string of “new and improved” ereader that will ship in a month will just kill the short term demand. Amazon may not need to sell that many Paperwhites for several weeks.

  2. If there is a new Kindle PW, what improvements do you think they’d make? Seems like a pretty awesome ereader already to me.

  3. I’m half afraid that Amazon may decide to separate ebook readers by going with a very cheap basis eInk Jindle like they current one, then make the next step a more expensive 3G version like the current PW (seeing the premium reader market as more desirable), and relegating anyone who wants audiobooks to getting a tablet (especially given how many publishers disable TTS for their books anyways).

  4. In Spain the wifi only Kindle paperwhite cannot be bought either. Even the banner with the Kindle family shows only the Fire models, the regular Kindle, and the 3G Paperwhite.