How to Fix Wireless Issues with Your Kindle, eReader, or Tablet


If you’re having problems getting your Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire HDX, or any other ebook reader or tablet to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, here are a few simple fixes that you can try to get your reading device to establish an internet connection.

It’s not unusual for a tablet or ereader to suddenly lose its Wi-Fi signal, even if it was just working the last time you picked it up. Android tablets seem to be especially prone to this. The first two tips fix this issue 99% of the time.

  • Unplug/Replug Router – The #1 fix for most Wi-Fi related connection issues is to simply unplug your router from the electrical outlet for about 10 seconds or so and then plug it back in. This reboots the router. It will take a couple of minutes to restart so be patient.
  • Restart Device – Sometimes when a device has trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or if it gets stuck in a connection loop where it keeps trying to connect but won’t, the best thing to do is simply shut the device down and restart it again.

  • Try Another Device – Make sure to try another device or computer to confirm that internet/Wi-fi is indeed working and that’s not a bigger problem with the network.

  • Firmware Updates? – If you are really having trouble and nothing seems to work, make sure your router and device have the latest software installed (the info for updates can usually be found on the manufacturer’s websites). Sometimes you can run into conflicts with outdated software.

  • Try a Different Network – If you’ve tried everything else and found that it’s not a problem with your internet or router, try connecting the device to a different network. Many restaurants and businesses offer free Wi-Fi that doesn’t require a password and can be easily tested. If you find that Wi-Fi won’t work in multiple locations than you likely have a defective device. Contact the manufacturer and try to get a warranty replacement.

    3 Responses to “How to Fix Wireless Issues with Your Kindle, eReader, or Tablet”

    1. Hi Nathan, I have read many of your blog posts. In the last month I have tried everything I can think of, and I can’t get my Kindle Fire HD to stay connected to my wireless. Everyone gives me the same advice as what you have listed above….nothing works. My Kindle connects at my daughter’s house, the dr office, and McDonalds. My Mac laptop is connected at home. I have a modem connected to ethernet, and then an airport express to my mac. What else could it me? The Kindle keeps trying. Kindle just tells me the same thing. And my cable company says it’s not their problem because the internet is working to my apartment. Please help me if you can! Thank You

    2. Go into google play store and look up wifi fixer by Zanshin-g1. It’s an excellant free app which helps with connectivity issues. Also check out wifi Analyzer by farproc in the play store. Another excellant free app.