Kindle Cloud Storage Moves to Amazon Cloud Drive


One of the added benefits that Amazon offers customers who use Kindle devices or apps is the option to add personal documents and non-Amazon ebooks to their Kindle libraries using email or one of the Send to Kindle apps.

Amazon is sending out emails to Kindle customers this morning detailing a change to the way Kindle Cloud storage works for personal documents and ebooks.

Amazon is essentially doing away with Kindle Cloud Storage in favor of Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

From the email:

Personal documents are now in Amazon Cloud Drive: Starting today, all personal documents that you have archived in your Kindle Library will be available to access, delete, organize, and share from your Amazon Cloud Drive. You can see these documents in a new “My Send-to-Kindle Docs” folder alongside all of your saved content such as photos and personal videos.

This makes it easier to manage your personal documents than before. You can find the list of all the personal documents and ebooks that you’ve uploaded at by logging into your Amazon account. You can also continue to use the old method of accessing and managing your personal documents from the Manage Your Kindle page.

Kindle users still get the 5GB of free space for personal documents and ebooks. Plus Amazon is making a change to how they handle formats when saving documents to the cloud:

Documents stored in their native format: Also starting today, new documents that you save to the cloud with Send to Kindle will be stored in their native format (e.g. MS Word, TXT) so you can access them anywhere from Amazon Cloud Drive.

Amazon moving Kindle Cloud Storage isn’t surprising now that they’ve got the Cloud Drive. Having everything in one place makes more sense.

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