Wexler Flexible eReader Available on Amazon for $49.99

Wexler Flex One

The Wexler Flex One ebook reader was the first device to use LG’s flexible epaper screen. It is made entirely of plastic, and has a slight contour to the shape. The device has give and can even be bent slightly. It is meant to be very durable, and Wexler claims that it is in fact shatterproof.

The Wexler Flex One was available in Russia in 2012, and had a short-lived existence before being discontinued over a year ago.

It’s somewhat surprising to see the Flex One for sale on Amazon.com. The device is only $49.99 plus $5.99 for shipping. It is being sold by a 3rd party merchant going by the name Wexler. But it’s not being shipped from overseas; it’s being shipped from Illinois.

Here’s the list of specs for the Wexler Flex One:

  • 6 inch Polymer E-ink (EPD – Electronic Paper Display)
  • 1024×768, 16-level grayscale
  • Storage 8GB
  • Text support EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT, DOC
  • Battery Up to 2 weeks

Last I heard, there was a high rate of failure with LG’s plastic screens. There’s hasn’t been any news about them for a long time, and no other device makers appear to be using them anymore. According to early reports, the resolution and speed of LG’s plastic E Ink display isn’t quite as good as comparable glass-based E Ink screens.

Wexler Flexible E Ink Reader

via: E-Ink-Info

3 Responses to “Wexler Flexible eReader Available on Amazon for $49.99”

  1. I would like to try this one. $50 bucks isn’t too bad.

    • Come back and give us a mini review if you decide to try one. I’m thinking about getting one to review, but I’m kind of worried that it might not be worth the time or money based on the fact that it wasn’t very popular and was promptly discontinued. But it is quite unique, and you’re right, $50 bucks isn’t too bad so I might pull the trigger yet.

  2. I wish someone would make a case for my ipad mini with an eink reader built into it.