Sony Confirms There Won’t be a PRS-T4 or any New Sony Readers

Sony PRS-T3

After Sony decided to close down their ebook stores in North America, Europe and Australia, the writing was on the wall that the Sony Reader line of ebook readers would be coming to an end as well.

Personally I always figured that was a just a matter of course—Sony isn’t going to spend time developing a new ebook reader after closing their ebook stores—but that wasn’t enough to convince some people.

Some thought that Sony might still remain in the hardware game and continue to release new readers, or develop an ereader for Kobo after partnering with them to send over their ebook customers after closing the Sony Reader store.

But now there’s conformation from a Sony rep via a German ebook blog,, that says there will not be a successor to the PRS-T3—that’s the end of the line for Sony. The Sony rep explained that their ereading business is simply no longer economical to operate.

That’s not at all surprising given Sony’s history. And considering the PRS-T3 was never even officially released in the United States, it makes no sense that they would make a new model (if Sony isn’t going to bother releasing a device that already exists, then there’s no chance they are going to create a new one and release it). It’s not like hardware sales for Sony Readers are a big revenue stream for Sony.

While Sony is exiting the ebook business, they’ve still got a leg in the epaper industry with their Sony DPT-S1 PDF Reader. It’s more of a specialty product for businesses as a paper replacement device, but Sony plans to continue producing and selling it.

8 Responses to “Sony Confirms There Won’t be a PRS-T4 or any New Sony Readers”

  1. I absolutely loved my PRS-T1 and if it had light I would never replace it.
    It is always sad seeing them go,when for quite a few years they had the creme de la creme of the e book readers(that sadly I could not afford).
    I really hope that they will make a come back with a decent reader in the future…

  2. Appears that the premium product pricing model is not applicable to a ereaders. Just the market weeding out an overpriced/unprofitable ereader/bookstore.
    Love my T1 — my favorite ereader for hardware over 4 Kindles, 2 Nooks, and a PRS-950. Yes, I have gifted several of those. 🙂

  3. Yes sad they gone out the market after creating the reader 10 years ago. Nice if they went out with a bang PRS-T10 7 inch screen, Slim one handed. Titanium case. At least I have PRS-350,PRS-650 the Leica of readers.PRS-T1 and just ordered PRS-T3S if its the last. Regret not getting PRS-950. Had Kobo HD for 2 weeks but software buggy and did not feel well made.

  4. It’s such a shame that Sony has decided to do this as they have always released extremely good value eReaders. I still have a PRS-350 and it’s still a joy to use.

  5. Premium pricing works…
    …if it is attached to premium hardware and software. The Kobo Aura HD and the various Pocketbook and Onyx high end readers seem to be doing fine.

    But Sony’s hardware long ago stopped being premium and when they refused to do front lighting it was all over.

  6. Joohn Alexander August 3, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    Unfortunately, premium pricing will not work in the e-ink, e-reader business — the reason is “tablets”.

    Really there are only two, significant, name-brand e-reader companies left. Amazon and Kobo. Hopefully Kobo stays in it — because if they don’t then it will probably be the complete end of innovation in the e-ink e-reader market. This will be very sad — because for reading I think e-ink screens are the ultimate.

    I for one love my Sony PRS-T1, and hopefully it will last me a good 10+ years!! And there should be no reason it won’t. Amazingly rugged device. Also — if I find a good deal on a discounted PRS-T1, PRS-T2, or PRS-T3 I will pick it up as a backup.

  7. I love my PRS-T3, and I think it was the best ereader in the market to deal with pdf files. I will really miss a next Sony Ereader generation.

  8. fake ! PRS-T4 is coming soon…