Amazon Bundling Kindle Unlimited with Select Kindle and Fire Devices

kindle unlimited promo

Today I noticed Amazon offering a new promotion where they are bundling six months of Kindle Unlimited at a discount with the purchase of certain Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets.

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s new ebook subscription service that they first started rolling out this past July in the United States, and then in the UK and Spain in the months to follow.

Basically Kindle Unlimited provides access to a library of over 700,000 ebooks and several thousand audiobooks for $9.99 per month. You can read as many ebooks as you want on any Kindle device or Kindle reading app, and have up to ten downloaded at one time.

This is the first time that Amazon has offered any kind of bundle discount for Kindle Unlimited.

The way it works is you get $30 to $40 off the overall price when purchasing select Kindle devices. The promo can be purchased as a gift as well. The discount gets added upon checkout. It’s a limited time offer and is only being offered in the U.S.

The devices being offered, pricing and savings break down like this:

Kindle + 6 months of KU for $99 (save $39.94)

Kindle Paperwhite + 6 months of KU for $149 (save $29.94)

Fire HD 7 + 6 months of KU for $169 (save $29.94)

Fire HD 6 + 6 months of KU for $129 (save $29.94)

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One Response to “Amazon Bundling Kindle Unlimited with Select Kindle and Fire Devices”

  1. Please, to potential readers who choose to make use of this order, it is not actually accurate.

    While the price savings are correct, the distribution of savings is different than advertized.

    on my invoice, the service for Unlimited is $48 and change

    the difference is applied to the device, and not the service.

    while the price is the same, I would not have canceled this transaction if the fee for the Unlimited service were actually $30.

    $30 seems like a fair price to pay to sample the Unlimited service for 6 months, $48 seems to be over the top.