Get a New Kindle for $29 After Rebate

Staples Kindle Deal

Staples is running a crazy good deal this week on the 7th generation Kindle, Amazon’s latest basic Kindle.

Normally the new Kindle sells for $79, but it’s marked down to $59 just about everywhere that sells it this week. Except Staples has taken it even further by offering a $30 prepaid Visa card with the purchase of a new Kindle.

After rebate, that takes the price down to just $29! I can’t ever remember a new ereader being that cheap, especially a Kindle. That’s gotta be a new all-time low.

And what’s great about the $30.00 rebate card is that it’s a regular prepaid Visa card, not a gift card, so you don’t even have to use it at Staples like some of their earlier promotions.

The $29 Kindle deal is valid from today through 12-27-2014. But I bet they sell out way before then; Staples often does with these type of deals.

It’s interesting that with all the hype of good deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the best deal of the year for an ereader comes just 4 days before Christmas.

Don’t forget that other Kindle ebook readers and Fire tablets are still on sale as well. The Kindle Paperwhite is a top choice and it’s marked down to $99 through December 28th on Amazon.

Kindle at Staples

5 Responses to “Get a New Kindle for $29 After Rebate”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I took advantage of it.

  2. Thanks another Christmas present done.
    Have great holiday

  3. Haven’t been over here in a little while. 😉

    Looks like a good deal – I think I’ll head down to my local Staples and see what’s what. Who knows – I might even decide to pick one up myself! 😀

  4. Sweet! Great price for gifting. Still thing Amazon should reduce costs on their basic Kindle so that the regular price MSRP is $49.

    Gifted an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 to my Mom recently that I bought for $110 on sale – another sweet deal.