Kindle Sales Roundup – December 15th

Kindle Sales

There are a bunch of Kindle deals to start off this week as Amazon appears to be making a final push for the busy holiday shopping season.

One of the best deals is the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s marked down to $99. As I’ve been saying since the Kindle Voyage review, the Paperwhite is a much better value, especially when you can get one for $99, half the price of the Voyage.

Amazon has knocked $125 off the price of last year’s 8.9-inch Fire HDX tablet for their main deal of the day. That makes the 16GB model just $224. That’s not a bad price for a large-screen tablet with a high resolution 2560 x 1600 (339 ppi) screen.

There are also various digital deals for Kindle books. Here’s how all the deals break down:

Kindle eBook Readers

$59 Kindle – The latest 7th gen Kindle is marked down by $20.

$99 Kindle Paperwhite – The latest Kindle Paperwhite is marked down by $20.

$169 Kindle Paperwhite 3G – The 3G Kindle Paperwhite is also $20 off.

$89 Kindle + Kindle Unlimited – Amazon’s bundle package for the Kindle and a 6 month subscription to Kindle Unlimited is $29.94 off the regular price.

$129 Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited – Amazon’s bundle package for the Paperwhite and a 6 month subscription to Kindle Unlimited is $29.94 off the regular price.

Kindle Fire Tablets

Fire HD 7 – Starting at $114, Amazon’s latest 7-inch Fire tablets continue to remain $25 off the regular price.

Fire HD 7 Kids Edition – Starting at $159, the kids version of the Fire HD 7 is $30 off the regular price.

Fire HDX 7 – Starting at $179, the 7-inch Fire HDX is $40 off the regular price.

Fire HDX 8.9 – Starting at $224, the 2013 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablets are $125 off the regular price as Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day.

Kindle eBook Deals

12 Days of Kindle Deals – Ends December 23

25 Kids’ Books, $1 Each – Ends January 01

50 Kindle Book Deals for $2 Each – Ends January 01

200 Kindle Book Bargains – Ends December 22

Up to 85% Off Kindle Books – Ends December 22

Kindle Book Deals for $3.99 or Less – Ends January 01

Save 50% on 900 eBooks – Ends January 01

4 Responses to “Kindle Sales Roundup – December 15th”

  1. Wanted to go for the Voyage due to the sharper screen and sleek aesthetics but now that the PW2 is only $99 that is definitely a super bargain and am going that route instead. Voyage is nice no doubt and I do love those crisp fonts but its only marginally better IMO. For $199 they should have gave you better software at the very least with more adjustability such as on the Kobo, perhaps even an 6.8″ XL version with an audio jack option and not to mention SD card expansion. The flush screen idea they stole from the Kobo Aura is cool but the page turn buttons are glitchy and the auto lighting is not really necessary, use that money to really implement tangibles that really make a difference such as those mentioned. I might just wait it out for the next Voyage version, I just hope they don’t do what Apple is doing and only marginally upgrading their devices every year. I have a feeling that Amazon will never add an SD expansion or offer e-pub compatibility because they want to keep you locked into their proprietary eco-system, any thoughts?

    • Amazon has very little competition in the dedicated ebook reader market so their incremental updates really aren’t surprising. Kobo is the only real competition and 90% of people in the US have never even heard of Kobo.

    • They definitely want you locked into their ecosystem. I own a Paperwhite but I’d like a separate tablet at some point to better read digital comics but I refuse to buy any Kindle Fire model because I don’t want to be forced to buy all my apps from Amazon’s limited selection compared to what Google Play offers.

  2. I think therein lies the problem, especially for the consumer is that Amazon has no competition in the E-reader industry in the U.S. so they can basically do whatever they please especially after the BN Nook disaster. If they had competition i don’t believe the Voyage would be priced at $199. more like $149 so they can compete. Competition is good on all fronts, it drops prices, stirs creativity so companies can distinguish themselves and gives us innovation. Someone needs to buy out BN, either Walmart, Apple to give us more options…