How to Use Onyx Boox M96 Without Stylus (Video)

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I came across a new YouTube video yesterday that explains how to use the Onyx Boox M96 entirely without a stylus.

The M96 is a 9.7-inch E Ink ereader that has an electromagnetic touchscreen that requires the use of a specialized stylus.

The device has physical buttons and a nav wheel controller that can be used for most navigation without needing to use the stylus.

That works with the main operating system and with some apps, but a lot of third-party apps aren’t setup for non-touch navigation so there are times when you can’t get the cursor to scroll to certain parts of the screen to select something.

The video below demonstrates a workaround using an automation app called Tasker that you can program to select specific parts of the screen to “touch” when launching an app.

This makes it so you can open an ereader app like Kindle or Google Play and have it automatically open a book to start reading.

You can program Tasker for just about anything, but it does require root access to use, so you to have a rooted M96 for it to work, and it’s a paid app that costs $2.99. But it’s a pretty cool workaround if you don’t want to have to use the stylus all the time.

Using Onyx Boox M96 Without Stylus

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  1. My Boox M96 screen sensitivity has died. Some boxes in various apps, especially the basic readers, seem un-clickable without the stylus. I’m hoping I can use tasker to allow the Boox side control to act as a mouse/cursor. Do you think that is possible? Anywhere to find tips on how to program tasker on the Boox? Thanks!