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Onyx Boox M96C

Onyx Boox M96 Plus and M96C Now Sold on Amazon

A marketplace seller at Amazon has recently started selling a couple of variations of the Onyx Boox M96. Both sell for $339, the same price as the original M96, which is no longer available to purchase since these newer ones have taken its place. The new listings include the M96 Plus model, which adds double […]

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White Onyx Boox M96

White Onyx Boox M96 Now Down to $318

The Onyx Boox M96 is the only 9.7-inch ebook reader available on the current market, aside from older outdated models and a few obsure models only available in certain parts of Asia. A lack of options doesn’t usually equate to a lower price point since there isn’t any competition to compete with, but in this […]

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bouye T62

Best Android E Ink eBook Readers – Android eReaders List

A surprising number of Android-powered ebook readers with E Ink screens have been released over the past 8 months. People often ask which one is the best to get so I wanted to put together this article outlining the best ebook readers currently available on the market with open Android operating systems. All the devices […]

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Onyx Boox M96

Onyx Boox M96 Buyer’s Guide

One question that comes up a lot around here is where to get an Onyx Boox M96, which version is best and what seller to buy it from. So I wanted to put together this article explaining the different places that sell the M96 and what the differences are between brandings. Not all M96’s are […]

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Onyx Boox M96 Universe

How to Use Onyx Boox M96 Without Stylus (Video)

I came across a new YouTube video yesterday that explains how to use the Onyx Boox M96 entirely without a stylus. The M96 is a 9.7-inch E Ink ereader that has an electromagnetic touchscreen that requires the use of a specialized stylus. The device has physical buttons and a nav wheel controller that can be […]

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Kindle Voyage vs Onyx M96

Kindle Voyage vs Onyx Boox M96 Comparison Review (+Video)

Today I wanted to put together a comparison review between two of my favorite ebook readers, the Kindle Voyage and Onyx Boox M96, to show how each has it’s own set of unique features, and how the devices are at two opposite ends of the ebook reader spectrum, both in terms of hardware and software. […]

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M96C vs M96

First Reviews of Onyx Boox M96C with Capacitive Touch

The Onyx Boox M96 is an Android-powered ereader with a 9.7-inch E Ink screen. Up until recently it was only available with a touchscreen that requires using a stylus pen for input. Then toward the end of January the Onyx Boox M96C was released. The “C” means it has a finger-friendly capacitive touchscreen instead of […]

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Onyx Boox M96 Notes

Onyx Boox M96C vs M96 Notes and Highlights Video

Yesterday a new 9.7-inch E Ink ebook reader called the Onyx Boox M96C became available for purchase. It’s an updated version of the original Boox M96 (review); the difference is the M96C has a capacitive touchscreen for finger touch as opposed to a touchscreen that requires using a stylus pen on the original M96. The […]

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