3-Day Kindle Sale – $20 Off Deal

Kindle Sale

It’s been awhile since Amazon has had any of their Kindle ebook readers on sale, with the exception of last month but only Prime members could get in on the discounted Kindles for Prime Day.

Last week a few retailers like Best Buy and Staples had a brief sale for a day or two. Now Amazon has an ongoing Kindle sale for the next couple of days through August 12th.

The sale includes the entry-level Kindle ebook reader, and its close associate the Kindle Kids Bundle.

Both are $20 off the regular price, making the base Kindle $59 and the Kids Kindle $79.

The Kids Kindle is the exact same as the entry-level Kindle but it’s a better overall value. The $59 model comes with screensaver ads and a banner ad on the homescreen, aka Special Offers. It costs an extra $20 more to remove the ads. This Kindle comes with a 1 year warranty from Amazon.

The Kids Kindle Bundle on the other hand does not come with advertisements, and the bundle includes a cover for the back and a 2-year warranty from SquareTrade, which is more comprehensive than the regular warranty and includes things like drops, spills, and other accidental breakages.

So basically what it amounts to, if you don’t want ads then the Kids Kindle essentially comes with a free cover and a 2 year warranty, which cost about $40 extra when purchased separately.

Kindle Sales

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