Amazon Adds Kindle Voyage & Paperwhite Essentials Bundles

Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle

Instead of releasing new Kindle models this fall, Amazon is putting together some new bundle packages of current models instead.

Earlier in the week Amazon started offering three different bundle packages for the $49 Fire tablet. Now they’ve also got bundle deals available for the Kindle Paperwhite 3 and the Kindle Voyage.

This should put to bed any remaining rumors that Amazon is going to release a Kindle Voyage 2 this November.

Unfortunately there’s just the one “Essentials” bundle available for the Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite, not the three options like the Fire tablet.

The Essentials bundle adds Amazon’s leather Kindle cover and a 5W power adapter. The Voyage bundle sells for $249 and the Paperwhite bundle sells for $159.

It basically works out to getting a free power adapter with the Paperwhite bundle and a free power adapter plus $10 with the Voyage bundle. The power adapters sell for $20, so it’s a substantial savings over buying everything separately.

Getting a free power adapter just isn’t all that exciting though. I think it would be better with a free Amazon gift card instead, like the Fire Entertainment bundle.

Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

3 Responses to “Amazon Adds Kindle Voyage & Paperwhite Essentials Bundles”

  1. So i just sold my Kindle Voyage this past week in part because goodereader keeps swearing the new Voyage is due to be announced any moment. Now im stuck without a Kindle

    • They’ve been making up all kinds of stories for years just to get attention and to fool other websites into linking to them. Unfortunately that’s what happens when website owners have no integrity. You’d think that their reputation would catch up to them after 5+ years but they still keep getting away with it and people keep falling for their made up stories time after time.

  2. I’m one of the guys who believe in the same rumor of upcoming release of the Kindle Voyage 2. Now these bundles come out, it’s very low chance for the Voyage 2 to be out soon… Anyway, these bundles don’t sound attractive, I hope they can have bundle with gift card too.