Best E Ink eReaders 2015 Edition

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This is a quick note to mention that I’ve recently updated the Best eBook Readers page for 2015.

It lists my top picks for E Ink ebook readers this year. The top choice remains the same from the past few years, but there are other new additions to the list. There just really weren’t very many new ebook readers released this year, not nearly as many as last year, especially with Amazon not releasing anything new other than an updated Paperwhite.

Feel free to share your picks of the best ebook readers for 2015 in the comments section.

Best eBook Readers

18 Responses to “Best E Ink eReaders 2015 Edition”

  1. I see no mention of the Nook glowlight plus, is it really that bad? Having second thoughts of purchasing it now especially since there will not be a KV2.

    • The Nook is all right and I do enjoy reading on it, but the problem with it is it’s not the “best” at anything. Kobo’s devices have a lot more features and the Aura H2O is better in the waterproof category. The Nook barely even quailifies as an ePub reader since B&N neglected to add Adobe DRM support (at least so far and it’s been out almost a month), so it can’t even be used for library ebooks or books from other sources unless they are DRM free.

  2. Maybe you need a new category: Best B&N eBook Reader, so that NOOK has a chance. 🙂

    I do think it’d be useful to indicate which ebook stores have wireless support on the various devices, and what kind of alternative ebook sources are supported in some way or other.

    I’m not sure I can really compare a Kindle against a Kobo without seriously taking into account their affiliated ebook stores. It may be my #1 criterion. It’s certainly the main reason that after six years of NOOK ownership, I’m getting a Paperwhite for Christmas.

    • I do mention ebook stores and supported formats in the main reviews. At least I generally do; it all gets rather repetitive after awhile and everything kind of blends together. That would be a good idea for a future post, listing all the stores that you can download books from directly on a Kindle Paperwhite, for instance. That would be a short post for the Nook Glowlight Plus—just one: B&N.

  3. There is a new eReader from PocketBook very interesting: PocketBook Sense. It is the smaller eReader in the market, with 6″ inch screen, backlight, web, several applications, 4GB internal memory. It is really small for a 6″ inch screen.
    Nathan, have a look on it, please.

    • Sorry but I don’t cover Pocketbooks much because they aren’t sold in the US. The Sense has been out for over a year, I think. The reviews I’ve read for Pocketbooks over the past couple years never seem to be very positive anyway so they don’t interest me much. The old school models were pretty good and I reviewed a couple of them but the software seems to have gone downhill since then.

  4. Nathan,why didn`t you put the ONYX 96C PLUS or PLUS in that category?Is that solely because of front light and high pixel density of the screen in I86?

  5. Nathan, I know this isn’t a normal use case, but I was wondering if you could recommend an android eInk tablet with good bluetooth support and handles partial refresh well? I am looking at getting a bluetooth enabled fish finder called Deeper that connects to any tablet over bluetooth but am worried about screen readability on a sunny day. If I could find a eInk tablet that would support it that would be great.

    • Most don’t have Bluetooth. The only two I can think of are the Onyx Boox T68 and M96.

      • Would you do me a favor and run the Deeper app (available on Amazon or Google) on your T68 if you still have it and see if it draws/refreshes correctly? There is a simulation option in the settings to make it run without the hardware.

        • I don’t own the T68 anymore. I tried the M96, which has the same software, and the app says it’s not compatible. You might try looking into some matte screen protectors for tablets to help with bright sunlight.

          • Okay, thanks a lot. Guess I’ll just have to try the brightest screen tablets I can find like the Nexus 7 or TF700.

    • Matt the Onyx i86 HD plus has bluetooth support. It drains the battery, but it works. I like my i86, I would rather have an ecarta display, but at 8 inches it isn’t happening.

  6. Nathan have you heard about the “The Ultimate E Reader” being crowd funded on Indiegogo? I know its just the specs so far but it looks intriguing. I would like to hear what you think about t

    • I posted some thoughts on a previous comment:

      It really makes me sad to see people falling for such an obvious scam. Those guys are nothing but con artists and always have been. There’s no way they can possibly deliver what they are promising. First off, several Android E Ink ereaders already exist with nearly identical specs. Second, who’s going to develop this mythical software that can handle all ebook sources? Amazon owns and controls the Kindle Android app. It’s not suddenly just going to work perfectly on the ultimate ereader because they say it will. It can already be installed on a number of Android ereaders, and while it does work to some extent, it wasn’t designed for E Ink so it offers a far inferior reading experience than a regular Kindle. Lastly, they chose to use a non-refundable campaign for a reason. That means there’s no guarantee anybody is going to get a single thing for their “donation”. They can just pocket the money and do whatever they want with it.

      I suggest reading through this thread at Mobilread. People that follow this industry know the truth about it: