Kobo Adds Book Stats to Website, With Estimated Reading Time

Kobo Book Stats

Kobo has started rolling out a new book stats and keywords section to the product pages of ebooks on the Kobo website. The stats don’t appear for all books but a good share of them now display stats.

Book statistics include the number of pages, the total number of words, and there’s a reading time estimate that shows how long it will take to read the book.

There’s a new keyword section too with each keyword as a hyperlink to search for related items and terms.

The stats are a cool idea. The numbers are probably based off of Kobo’s built-in reading stats on their ereaders and apps.

Being able to see how many pages and words an ebook contains is helpful information. The estimated reading time is nice too because it gives you an idea of how long it will take to finish the book.

You have to wonder how accurate the reading time estimate is though. It seems way too low on a lot of books I’ve checked.

The screenshot above, for example, shows it only takes 1-2 hours to read a 134 page book. I think the algorithm still needs some work….

via: MobileRead

One Response to “Kobo Adds Book Stats to Website, With Estimated Reading Time”

  1. I thought the estimated reading times were way too high. I checked a couple titles against my own stats on my Kobo and found that the website is about double. Can’t imagine that I read twice as fast as normal, so they must be too high.