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Kobo Book Stats

Kobo Adds Book Stats to Website, With Estimated Reading Time

Kobo has started rolling out a new book stats and keywords section to the product pages of ebooks on the Kobo website. The stats don’t appear for all books but a good share of them now display stats. Book statistics include the number of pages, the total number of words, and there’s a reading time […]

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Kobo Credit

Free Kobo Credits: $5 for New Accounts; $10 for Visa Checkout

Awhile back I posted about Kobo offering a free $10 credit the first time customers use the new Visa Checkout option that Kobo has recently added to their website. Apparently that offer wasn’t active yet even though Kobo said it was, but now it’s back again and this time they are advertising it on their […]

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Kobo Visa Checkout

Kobo Adds Visa Checkout Option with Free $10 Kobo Credit

Yesterday Kobo announced that they’ve added Visa Checkout to Kobo.com as a new payment option in addition to credit cards and PayPal. Kobo and Visa are trying to entice people by giving away a $10 credit for Kobo.com after using Visa Checkout to complete a purchase. The $10 credit gets applied directly to your Kobo […]

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Kobo Previews

Kobo Adds eBook Preview Option to Website

Kobo has recently started to rollout a new feature on their website that lets anyone preview an ebook using a web browser directly from the ebook description page. You don’t have to be logged in or even have a Kobo account to view the previews. All you have to do is click the “Preview Now” […]

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Kobo Home iPad

Kobo Now Issuing Credits for eBooks Antitrust Settlement

Last week Amazon was the first to start sending out emails to Kindle customers informing them about credits that have been issued to their account in regards to the antitrust settlement case where the big five publishers had to pay-up for colluding with Apple to fix the price of ebooks. Soon after Amazon started issuing […]

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Sony’s Transition to Kobo is Smooth, But Not All eBooks Make It

Sony started sending out emails yesterday with links to transition customer accounts over to the Kobo ebook store now that Sony is closing the Reader Store. I received the email today and the transfer process was incredibly simple and took all of about 30 seconds to complete. All I had to do was follow the […]

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What Do You Think of Kobo’s New Redesigned Website?

Kobo recently started rolling out a completely new design for their ebookstore. It’s not live everywhere yet; it seems to depend on where you live and which web browser you are using. For instance, I can see Kobo’s new website with the iPad, Android tablets, and and on my PC with Internet Explorer, but Chrome […]

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Ematic eReader

New Touchscreen Ematic EB103 eReader with Kobo eBooks Looks Like Sony Reader Clone

I came across a new touchscreen-equipped Ematic ereader on Walmart, model EB103, that shares a similar design to Sony’s eBook Readers, although it has a color LCD screen instead of E Ink. Most websites that list this new Ematic eReader show a picture of the old non-touchscreen model; WalMart seems to be the only place […]

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