Nook Trade In Promo for $50 Credit Toward Galaxy Tab

Nook Trade In

Barnes and Noble has a new trade in deal running from now until March 5th, 2016.

You can trade your old Nook in for $50 off the price of a new Nook Galaxy tablet.

There are three different Galaxy tabs, the Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab E, and the higher-end Galaxy Tab S2.

Plus you can get 25% off all Nook accessories through February 20th.

The trade in promo includes all the past E Ink Nook ereaders, the Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD and Nook HD+.

So if you have an old Nook laying around that you don’t use anymore, you can get a Nook Galaxy tablet for as little as $89 with a trade.

Unfortunately the deal is only valid in Barnes and Noble retail stores; you can’t mail them in like the Kindle trade in promo. B&N always has to make things more of a hassle.

Nook Trade In Promo

5 Responses to “Nook Trade In Promo for $50 Credit Toward Galaxy Tab”

  1. I wonder if they have to be WORKING Nooks…

    After a failed root and now a dead battery (which even the support at my local B&N can’t do much with), that would be nice.

    • The nook does NOT have to be in working condition. Any older nook device can be traded in for a samsung whether it is working or not.

  2. I doubt it since rooting it usually cancels the warranty.
    None of the new Nook galaxies are ereaders, right?

  3. I mean that none of the new ones are e-ink, they are lcd or something right?

    • For this deal it’s only the Galaxy tablets. There is a newer Nook called the Glowlight Plus but it’s not included in the trade in offer for some reason.