List of all Fire Tablets and How to Tell Them Apart

Fire Tablet vs Fire HD 8

A few months ago I posted an article about a List of all Kindles and How to Tell them Apart that Amazon has on their website.

I recently noticed that Amazon has a similar page up for Fire tablets called Which Fire Tablet do I have?

The page lists every single Fire tablet that Amazon has released, including all five generations of models since Fire tablets were first introduced in 2011, back when they were called Kindle Fire tablets instead of just Fire tablets.

There’s a list of distinguishing features to help customers tell which model it is that they own.

They also include a link to relevant help articles associated with each particular model, so if you’re looking for help with a problem that’s a good place to start.

There are thirteen different models of Fire tablets, and that’s not including the various sub-models, just the main models, so it definitely helps to have a page like that to determine which version you have to get help with troubleshooting issues or to find compatible accessories.

Another way to keep track of all the various Kindle ereaders and Fire tablet models is to check the Kindle Comparison Table.

Fire Tablet Generations List

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