When Will Kobo Release a New eReader?


A couple of months ago I posted about how things have become oddly quiet with Kobo.

You rarely hear any news coming from them anymore, nothing about new products or new features. They haven’t even updated the software for Kobo ereaders in over seven months (they used to issue updates about every month or two).

The Kindle Oasis release came and went without a peep from Kobo.

In years past they at least tried to compete with Amazon by announcing new ereaders a week before Amazon, or boasting about features Kindles lack.

Not anymore. It’s like Kobo doesn’t even care about competing with Amazon these days. What gives?

Surely Kobo has a new ereader in the works. The last ereader they released, the Kobo Touch 2.0, was a total flop, which isn’t surprising considering that it has the same tech as ereaders released 5 years ago.

The next Kobo ereader needs to bring a lot more to the table. Amazon has shown that there’s a market for premium ereaders so hopefully Kobo has a new high-end ereader in the works to compete with the Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage.

It’s been over a year since Kobo released the Kobo Glo HD, and the Kobo Aura H2O was released back in 2014, so Kobo is due for a new model.

Hopefully in the next couple of months Kobo will get back in the action and make things interesting again.

7 Responses to “When Will Kobo Release a New eReader?”

  1. When Sony left the market I purchased a Kobo H2O. I use it every day and even in wet environments. It’s performed flawlessly.

    Let’s hope Rakuten Kobo doesn’t go the way of Sony…

  2. I vote for a new e-ink ereader like H20 which I love beyond a doubt. Bought the H2O when it came out I love it because I can read at night w/o hurting my eyes. I have been working on an Microsoft certification my books are on my H2O. I have the Aura HD too and like it as well. I will not purchase a kindle ever again – my Mom’s just frustrated me, I hate being tied to one source for books

  3. I love my H2O, but I’d definitely be interested in something new from Kobo.

  4. I am looking to replace my Sony PRS-T3 which has developed a serious self discharge even when completely shutdown. (Not a battery problem).
    Following the recent discounting of the GLO HD I have put of purchasing as this is usually a sign of a new / upgraded product.
    There have been lots of reports of a new processor and E-ink displays coming this year, so I would rather wait than buy 2 year old tech no better than the Sony.

  5. Just replaced my Kobo Aura HD with H2O and it’s excellent. Improvement to H2O Bluetooth and Wifi book download and cordless charging so port cover does not need opening.
    4 years time e-ink colour display with solar charging and titanium case waterproof.

  6. Being serious perhaps Kobo do not need to replace e-readers H2O is near perfect for what it does. Also kobo have no problem hovering up Sony etc library’s that’s were the money must be made.

  7. My Kindle Keyboard 3G from 2011 works very well still. I only wish it had a built-in backlight, was waterproof, and had a larger/sharper screen. The Kobo Aura H20 intrigues me, but I’m waiting for a 2016 version to release which hopefully competes against a Voyager or Oasis.

    Competition is good, and it would be tragic if Kobo went out of business and let Amazon have a monopoly on e-readers.