13.3-inch Sony DPT-S1 E Ink Reader Now $599 – ($200 Off)


Last month I posted about how the 13.3-inch Sony DPT-S1 PDF reader was on sale for $100 off, its lowest price ever.

That’s why I was even more surprised to see it marked down by $200 now, taking the price down to $599 at Amazon.com and B&H.com.

If that still sounds expensive consider the fact that the Sony DPT-S1 used to sell for nearly double that price when it first arrived to the US.

In fact the imported version did sell for more than double that for a time before it became more widely available.

Officially the DPT-S1 sold for $1100 when it was first released. Then Sony lowered the price down to $999. About six months later they dropped the price again down to $799, the price that it has sold for over the past year.

It’s still expensive but it’s a huge difference now that the price is all the way down to $599.

It’s hard telling how long the price will stay that low or if it’s permanent and they’re trying to clear stock. Sony has shown no inclination of working on a second gen model, so this might be it for the DPT-S1.

Lots of people really like Sony’s specialized 13.3-inch PDF reader so it’s a shame to see them not continuing to develop it, but at least the price keeps getting lower.

Sony DPT-S1 PDF Reader

11 Responses to “13.3-inch Sony DPT-S1 E Ink Reader Now $599 – ($200 Off)”

  1. would be nice, but “pdf only” kills it for me.

  2. That’s it!!!! I’m getting one!

  3. Why not provide software upgrades to support other formats and not lower the price? So for Sony it’s better to sell crap at low price than decent quality products for a decent price?

  4. Sadly, they do not ship this item outside U.S. May be a customer’s politics of Sony?

  5. They have increased the price again, wich is the reason?

    I don’t understans such movements…

    • That might be the end of the Sony DPT-S1 at this point with both places out of stock. That may have been the final fire sale to clear out remaining units…

  6. Impossible to find it at the price annouced in your article… Any reason?

  7. 2016-10-17: B&H $800. Made it as far as the basket, so looks like they have not sold out yet.

    The whole “big e-Ink eReader” thing is more mysterious than the Sphinx: best not to try to understand why, what or where…