Kindle Two-Pack Deal Takes $40 Off

Black or White Kindle

I was over at Amazon and happened to notice that they are running a limited-time deal on the entry-level Kindle Touch, the new 2016 model without a frontlight.

It’s a different deal than usual. Instead of taking a certain percentage off the price, it’s a buy 2 get $40 off sale.

So for the special offers model it’s basically like buy one get one for 50% off.

To get the deal you have to enter code TWOPACK40 in the coupon code box during checkout.

Currently only the black version is in stock; the new white option for 2016 is on backorder until mid-October.

Unfortunately the deal only applies to the entry-level model and not the Paperwhite or higher up Kindles.

The deal is described as a “limited-time offer” and could expire at anytime (there doesn’t seem to be an end date listed anywhere).

If you’d rather get a Kindle with a frontlight (highly recommended) Amazon will probably be having a sale on the Kindle Paperwhite again soon, as they regularly do every month or two.

Kindle Sale

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