$199 Kindle Voyage Out of Stock; Voyage 2 Coming Soon?

Kindle Voyage Sale

This morning I noticed that Amazon has run out of Wi-Fi Kindle Voyages with special offers, the base $199 model. They also no longer offer the Kindle Voyage Essentials bundle—they are listed as currently unavailable.

The shipping date has been pushed back to 3 to 4 weeks on the Wi-Fi Kindle Voyage. It might mean nothing, or it could possibly mean that Amazon has a new updated Kindle Voyage that they’re getting set to launch.

A couple months ago the exact same thing happened with the Fire HD 8 when it suddenly became unavailable and then Amazon released an updated model a few weeks later.

The Kindle Voyage is currently marked down by $50 for Amazon Prime members. The 3G version and non-ad versions are still in stock.

Perhaps they sold a lot more of the Wi-Fi special offers models than they were expecting, but the sale has only be going on for a couple of days. It seems more likely that they are clearing out remaining stock.

It’s still not too late for Amazon to release a Kindle Voyage 2 in time for the busy holiday shopping season, but it would need to happen within the next 3 to 4 weeks. Things could get interesting…

4 Responses to “$199 Kindle Voyage Out of Stock; Voyage 2 Coming Soon?”

  1. Hmm, maybe I am not too disappointed I could not take advantage of the sale.

  2. While I certainly hope they release a new larger Voyage, my biggest gripe would be for Amazon to fix the screen issues that have been plaguing them since forever. I still don’t have a Kindle screen whether it be the Oasis or Voyage that comes near the quality of my H2O. Another thing is the fonts are so frail on Kindles, for example Bookerly on my Aura H2O is much thicker bolder and sharper than on my Voyage.

  3. I’m getting a Voyage for Christmas. I’m sure we’ll know by December if a second version is available. Hope so.