Get a 4th Gen Kindle for $24.99 and Other eReader Deals


There are a few ongoing sales for dedicated ebook readers as the busy shopping season continues through December.

One of the better deals is for the 4th gen Kindle if you don’t care about having a touchscreen.

Woot has the 4th gen Kindle available for just $24.99.

It’s refurbished, not new, but that’s about as cheap as it gets for a Kindle either way.

It’s the basic model with Wi-Fi, page buttons, and 2GB of internal storage space.

Kobo also has their new Aura Edition 2 on sale again for $99 from and $109 (CAD) from Chapters.Indigo. They should just keep it at that price regularly and bring back the Glo HD for $129, but whatever…

Barnes and Noble is going all out with a $10 off sale on the Nook Glowlight Plus. It’s priced at $119 instead of the usual $129.

Meanwhile you can get a refurbished Nook GlowLight Plus for $79 through Amazon of all places.

Some of the ereaders at Banggood are on sale, mainly the more expensive Boox models, and they have ways to get additional discounts too.

The older Icarus Illumina is on sale for $99 now that they’ve got the newer model available for $119.

12 Responses to “Get a 4th Gen Kindle for $24.99 and Other eReader Deals”

  1. Kindle @ Woot is sold out.

  2. Wow. That’s incredible. I just bought the 8th Generation basic Kindle on Black Friday for $50. Very happy with it.

    Now I have my older Sony PRST-T1 for epubs and the Kindle for mobis (I used to have to read mobis on my tablet). For reading I prefer the smaller size and weight of the Sony and Amazon Kindle e-readers (versus tablets).

    I think Amazon has done a cost reduction on the basic Kindle, where their cost to produce them is a bit less than it used to be. I think the $50 sale for the basic Kindle will be a more common occurrence.

    • Yes, the market is both maturing and shaking out. Many of the buyers Amazon entices with a low-priced basic Kindle will upgrade if they really get into e-reading, and the ones who don’t won’t be buying the books anyway so Amazon has no reason to care much about them. It all boils down to skimming the lucrative customers away from the competition…

  3. After seeing that the $24.99 Kindle was sold out I looked around Woot a little and I just bought a Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet, AT&T 4G LTE, Full-HD 323ppi Touchscreen, 2.2GHz Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 32GB Internal Storage, FireOS
    I thought that was an excellent price.

    • I use my HDX7 every day – that’s a fantastic deal even though it’s not getting the latest firmware updates. Even as a reader it’s not bad for indoor use…

      • Thanks, I wasn’t sure about the updates, but I needed something with 4G LTE and for $65 I went with it.

        On Woot it said “We’re listing these as “Refurbished”, but the boxes will be marked “Used – Good”. These units will have minor cosmetic blemishes and have been returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by an Amazon technician. The units have been repackaged in a brown box.”

        I wonder if the Mayday Button still works LOL!!!!

        • As long as the screen is in good shape, my only other major concern for a refurbished unit might be the health of the battery.

          Just be a careful with the angled micro-USB port until you get used to it…

  4. That was a great deal, the only better configuration is the one with 64GB. If only Amazon had retained the hdmi port and added SD card support for the HDX Fire tablets they would be perfect.

  5. I have a refurbished HDX 7 and 8.9 and Mayday seems to work on both, but Alexa only works with the Fire TV app. The Netflix app now allows downloads. I have been fortunate to receive pristine refurbished Amazon products, no blemishes detectable and my Origami covers help to keep them that way, I urge you to get an original cover if possible.

  6. Good find, Bob. For others interested here’s the page with the Kindle and Fire deals at Woot. I should’ve noticed it yesterday. I’m going to do another sales and deals post today because there’s a 10-inch Lenovo tablet for $79 at Walmart and some other deals.