Sony DPT-S1 Prices Skyrocket Again, But is it Really Discontinued?

Sony DPT-S1

Last month all signs suggested that Sony’s 13.3-inch PDF Reader was being discontinued.

That was quite obvious by the fact that the listing at B&H had a big red “Discontinued” sign on the product page.

Since then the price of the Sony DPT-S1 has skyrocketed back into crazy expensive territory like it did before it was officially released in the US.

Before they stopped selling it at B&H and Amazon, the price was $799.

At one point during the summer it went on sale for just $599.

Now the price of the DPT-S1 at Amazon is $1499, and it’s not even new.

There are a number of listings on eBay as well, and some are as high as $1899!

It’s crazy how much the price has gone up in one month.

And now it’s not even clear if the Sony DPT-S1 has really been discontinued. The product page at B&H no longer says discontinued; now it says it’s on back-order. It’s will be interesting to see if they indeed start selling it again. There’s still been no sign of a DPT-S2 getting released.

3 Responses to “Sony DPT-S1 Prices Skyrocket Again, But is it Really Discontinued?”

  1. That’s just crazy! But there must be a need for them and maybe some other companies will take notice… The Onyx Boox Max is the only one in that 13″ class… and then the 10.3″ reMarkable coming out that I thought was interesting.

  2. Yep, I wish I could have brought the Sony in UK, but even calling Sony did not help.
    I see the goodereader is almost out, that should be good with the touch screen.
    I went with the Onyx Boox Max in the end. It’s great for me. But do wish it had touch screen.

    I posted some videos on youtube to give people some idea of how it runs. These are completely unedited, as is… enjoy

  3. Below is the response I got from BH. Also I have a contact at CDW and they said they could no longer get the product. I sent a message on twitter and they told me to provide my contact info and they would get ahold of me. looks like it is truly gone.

    Hello Jon, my name is Chris H:

    Thank you for contacting the Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.

    Unfortunately this model is being discontinued and we will not be able to fill orders unless you have a pre-order placed with B&H. I do not have any firm info on a new model at this moment.

    Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

    Thank you for choosing B&H.

    Chris H
    B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
    The Professional’s Source.
    E-Mail Sales Department