Kobo Aura One Covers and Cases List

Kobo Aura One Covers

So far Kobo has kind of dropped the ball on the release of their 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One ebook reader.

It’s been out of stock from Kobo’s website for several months now, pretty much since it was released in September (yet it’s been selling from Chapters.Indigo most of that time).

The official sleepcover for the Kobo Aura One has been out of stock most of the time since it was released as well.

Luckily a number of third-party cover makers have plenty of different cases available for the Aura One.

Several support the automatic sleep/wake feature like the official cover too.

If you have a favorite case for the Aura One give it a shout out in the comments!

Kobo Aura One Covers List

Ultra Compact MoKo Covers – These are a good choice if you like slim, tight-fitting covers. They have a magnetic flap and support the auto wake/sleep feature. They are available in six different colors/designs and only cost $11-$13 each. There’s also this second listing for MoKu cases without the auto wake feature for a few bucks less. These cases mostly have positive reviews.

Kwmobile Case – Check out these if you like covers with some color and style, like the one pictured above. They also have plain black. These covers are compatible with the auto wake function and they are priced in the $10-$13 range.

Mama Mouth Covers and Viewing Stands – These covers fold out and double as a reading stand to prop the Aura One up. They come in a variety of colors and designs and cost under $15.

Avidet Slim-Book Style Case – Another low cost cover for the Kobo Aura One that comes in four different colors, but it doesn’t support the auto wake feature and there are no reviews yet to go off of.

ACdream Cases – These are the type of covers that go over the front bezel of the reader. They also have the auto sleep/wakeup feature.

Xindayi Ultra Slim Cover – This is a very thin and lightweight cover with auto wake/sleep (apparently not). It’s available in four different colors and it sells for less than $10.

10 Responses to “Kobo Aura One Covers and Cases List”

  1. For those who like sleeves, those made for iPad mini will work. This is the one I have:


  2. Xindayi cover does NOT have auto sleep/wake. Purchased from Amazon and description there also said it had it.

  3. This morning Kobo website has the Aura One available to purchase – limited number in stock.

    • Already gone. Yet they’re still available from Chapters just like always. I don’t understand Kobo at all. It’s like they don’t want to sell it directly. What a weird way to run a business…

  4. Forefront Cases Origami Smart Case cover. in nine colours UK Price £6.99p Weight with Kobo One included is 363g. For reference Kobo H2O weight is 370g with Kobo own case.Cover as sleep/wake and makes a stand as Kobo own case does. Best cover for value.

  5. I ordered one of the MoKo covers on Amazon. It arrived today, and did not have a magnetic closure. It did not stay closed, and of course the sleep/wake function didn’t work. I’m sending it back.

  6. I had two other makes of cases before the Forefront Case. Infiland Case and IVSO Case both had no Wake Sleep working be warned.

  7. I received my Aura One last 4/20/2017. It was held up a day in customs. I am really enjoying the larger screen and the variable color front light. It makes big difference when reading later at night. I set the brightness manually and the “Natural light” to auto and it works very well for me.

    I am posting here because I just received a sleeve I ordered for it and it is almost a perfect fit. Interestingly the case is an Amazon Basics 8-inch tablet sleeve.


    So Amazon seems to make the perfert sleeve for my new Kobo ereader. 😉