New 42-inch Kindle Whiteboard Getting Released Soon


Amazon is getting prepared to announce the upcoming release of a new Kindle with a massive 42-inch E Ink screen called the Kindle Whiteboard.

A lot of people have been wishing for a Kindle with a larger screen ever since the Kindle DX was discontinued, and now it’s finally going to happen.

They’re opting to bypass 8-inch, 9.7-inch, and 13.3-inch screens to go directly to the biggest E Ink screen possible.

The Kindle Whiteboard has a 42-inch E Ink screen with a resolution of 2160 x 2880.

The pixel density is quite low compared to current Kindles, but the Kindle Whiteboard is meant to be viewed from a distance, and is expected to replace TVs in many homes.

It weighs over 22 pounds and comes with a special stand that has wheels so you can easily move it around.

There’s also a wall mount kit available for $99, which can be used on the ceiling as well if you want to hang the Kindle Whiteboard over your bed to read while laying in bed.

The retail price of the Kindle Whiteboard is expected to only be $3999, or $4019 without ads. Check back in a couple weeks for a full review!

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, this article is an April fools’ day prank. Everyone knows the next Kindle is going to have a 32-inch E Ink screen, not 42-inch.

4 Responses to “New 42-inch Kindle Whiteboard Getting Released Soon”

  1. Thank you for the first actual belly-laugh of my day.

  2. I heard they’re getting rid of the power on button as well 😉

  3. No, man, not sure who your source was but my source, deep within Amazon Skunk Works, says the next Kindle will be going in the opposite direction … it’s about the size of a deck of cards and half the thickness. You keep it in your pocket and it projects via bluetooth to a pair of glasses. Got a boring meeting? Just have to finish that book while driving to work or walking down the street? This is the product for you.

    Since the screen is so small, Amazon powers this e-reader using a Kinetic energy technology they got from Seiko; you just rub the device real fast on your head and the static charge powers up the device. A fully charged battery lasts for 6 months.

    As far as the glasses go, they learned from Google Glass so *these* glasses are gonna have some style. Here’s what the glasses part of the device looks like. . You’ll notice that these are out of stock; that’s because Amazon has cornered the market on these Googly glasses.

    In a rare moment of honesty, Amazon has acknowledged that since their only customers these days are mentally-challenged, they might as well look like it as well. They’re expecting this to be a big seller.

  4. Nah, all of you have it wrong. Despite the fact that everyone wants a larger Kindle, word is Amazon is giving the bird to us all and will release another 6″ device dubbed the Kindle Asylum with a sheepskin cover built into the device.

    After the Oasis fiasco, Amazon is hell bent on finally getting it right with the batter cover and elimination of light cones and is pledging that after 10 years it will finally get the screen “evenly lit” for once.
    Upgrades also include a 3,000 Mah battery on the sheepskin cover but the new Asylum will also come shipped with an extra donkey hide cover at an extra 1,500 Mah, so you won;t have to worry about charging your Kindle for a whole year since we all know we know ac outlets are becoming extinct and we hardly have time to charge them due to are busy lives.

    Price will be $600 USD but that’s ok because you can always go on the payment plan at zero interest rate