QuirkLogic Quilla eWriter with 42″ E Ink Screen (Video)


QuirkLogic is showing off one of their latest inventions at CES 2017 called the QuirkLogic Quilla eWriter.

It’s essentially a 42-inch E Ink writing tablet that also doubles as a gigantic PDF ereader.

E Ink and their partners are always trying to come up with unique new ideas for ways to use E Ink displays, but most of them never pan out.

This is one of those inventions that only about 0.02% of people are going to be interested in buying.

Sure, the Quilla eWriter looks cool at first glance. It’s basically the worlds largest ereader with a 42-inch screen that weighs 22 pounds.

The device can be used to read PDF files and as an alternative to things like marker boards.

It’s clearly designed for business use, and multiple Quilla eWriters can be connected to a single source to display the same content on different screens to use collaboratively.

The problem is that E Ink screens are so ridiculously expensive, even for small screens, that something like this is completely impractical.

They haven’t announced a price yet and that’s probably because it’s most likely going to cost like $5000, maybe even more.

I just don’t see a lot of businesses taking something like this seriously when you can buy a 4′ x 3′ dry erase board for $129. Granted it can’t display PDF files or mirror the writing on a different screen, but that’s a high price to pay for something that any tablet or smartphone can do for free or next to nothing.

QuirkLogic Quilla eWriter Video

via: Liliputing

3 Responses to “QuirkLogic Quilla eWriter with 42″ E Ink Screen (Video)”

  1. Aside, are good news expected in CES 2017 concerning e-ink devices? I haven’t read anything about it.

  2. It would be silly for reading a book, but for replacing blackboards, with or without collaboration, this could be great. No more photographing things when you need to keep intermediate results, just save and flip around between pages. The price is currently quite high, though for some use cases it could be worth it. But prices do come down.