Videos Showing New Onyx eReaders and E Ink Laptop

E Ink Monitor

Onyx is showing off some of their new E Ink devices for 2017 at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

Among their latest products is a laptop with a 9.7-inch E Ink screen. It’s the first device of its kind and it definitely looks interesting.

It has much longer battery life than a regular laptop and the screen is easily readable in bright light, unlike LCD screens.

Lots of folks have been wanting an E Ink word processor and an E Ink computer monitor and it could work as both.

They also show how the upcoming Onyx Boox Max 2 that’s coming out later in the year can be connected to a computer to use as a secondary monitor.

Onyx has a new 10.3-inch ereader called the Book Note as well.

It has a flexible plastic screen like the 13.3-inch model and it supports stylus and capacitive touch.

The second video shows the new 13.3-inch Onyx Book Max with the upgraded higher resolution 2200 x 1650 E Ink Carta screen. The screen does indeed look quite good. The text is nice and dark and well defined. It goes on sale later this month.

They also demonstrate some of Onyx’s other ereaders in the second video. There’s a look at their 6-inch ereaders with very fast page turns. They also show a new 6.8-inch ereader that has a customizable frontlight tone like the Kobo Aura One.

Onyx E Ink Laptop and 10.3″ eReader

13.3″ Onyx Boox Max Carta

5 Responses to “Videos Showing New Onyx eReaders and E Ink Laptop”

  1. I may not have understand him well: did he mention when that 10.3 device will be released?

    Aside, that guy is Spanish, like me. It amazes me how a company like Onyx has hired anyone who does not speak English correctly

  2. Good news for new devices.
    The typewriter It’s an interesting idea for me. Not equal to a laptop, netbook, tablet, ipad, or surface.
    But i need more than a e-ink, in a limited decide. Specs: Kind of physical keyboard ( ñ for spanish or latin american writers, or only in English). Processor. RAM. Internal and external storage. connector.
    OS: Android. Versión?
    Formats for text: Txt, rtf,…
    Kind of office, or only word processor, or simple notes in plain Text. (copy and paste, bold, margins,…)
    Only for use like typewriter, or can be used like another ereader. (when it’s without its dock, put a digital keybpard on in its screen, but no other options like e-Reader Tablet, i saw in the videos.
    Price: 500?. Very expensive for too limited options. The only good is the e-ink screen.
    I use a laptop, with low bright. isn’t the same. But i need to write. Perhaps. In a nearest time, somebody Make a better device, for this idea. This will be based on demand to upgrade. Or a upper versión like Max carta.
    Without Google play.
    And i want to know more about 10,3″. Specs. Price.
    And someday, compares with Max, vs the new Max carta vs sony dpt rp1, in real work with pdf, and another formats.
    Thank you, ebook Reader, for this information. Good blog, interesting videos.
    How much really cost Max carta or dpt rp1, vs store? (somebody did this work with ipad), it would be interesting

  3. I had a black & white laptop once. Not anxious to return to those days.

    The interviewer kept confusing stand-by with usage time so it’s not clear about battery-life but even a doubling of usage time wouldn’t justify this.

    Until they can get saturated color in e-ink, e-ink will remain an ignored feature for laptops.

  4. The word processor idea is an interesting one (although not sure if there is a market for it). You could have an e-ink word processor that could go over a month without charging,

    Reminds me back in the day of some of the devices that were sold in the early 80s that were dedicated word processor devices.

  5. If you are a writer who doesn’t want to be disturbed there is a market for these. I know of many who by an old AlphaSmart Dana or NEO 2 so they won’t be distracted by FaceBook, messages, emails, Skype… you get the idea.
    So yes there is a market for them… go hide for a week and type away 🙂