Video Showing Onyx’s New E Ink eReaders at Computex

Onyx 10 Reader

Onyx has some new devices that they’re getting set to launch around September of this year.

Charbax from has uploaded another YouTube video showing Onyx’s new ereaders at Computex 2017.

They have a new 10.3-inch ereader and notepad, a new 9.7-inch model, and an updated 13.3-inch Max that they’ll be releasing soon, and all have lightweight plastic-based E Ink screens.

According to Charbax, the new devices will feature faster processors as well, which is good to hear.

Onyx has added a new software feature that can resize your handwritten notes to fit neatly on the lines of a notepad.

The new 10.3-inch Onyx ereader looks especially nice with its flush screen design. The display has very good contrast and the device only weighs 380 grams. No word yet on pricing.

It’s good to see that E Ink is finally making plastic-based 9.7-inch screens now too. Onyx’s new 9.7-inch model only weighs 350 grams. That’s down from about 480 grams with the current models.

Onyx is also working on E Ink devices and software specially designed for the education market.

Also, here’s an earlier video showing Onyx’s new devices for 2017 if you missed it. They show the new E Ink laptop in that video. It only makes a brief appearance in this one.

Onyx Boox E Ink Notepads at Computex

4 Responses to “Video Showing Onyx’s New E Ink eReaders at Computex”

  1. It’s a relief they are selling plastic substrate devices soon.
    I think I didn’t understand this guy, did he say all the e-readers will be released in September or only the notepad?

  2. As much as I’d like it, I didn’t understand the guy to say that there would be new processors, I think charbax just said generically something like “of and they have a fast processor” and then the marketing guy obviously has to say yes. Didn’t listen to it again and would love to be wrong, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the 10 inch devices to have faster socs.

    • I’m not sure either but that’s what was written in the description so I figured more was probably said off camera for him to specifically mention it.