New 8″ and 10″ Lenovo Tab 4 Tablets Look Nice for the Price

Lenovo Tab 4 8

Lenovo has a couple of new budget tablets for 2017 that look promising. They are among the first tablets to come with the latest Android Nougat 7.1 operating system.

There’s an 8-inch model and a 10.1-inch model, the Lenovo Tab 4 8 and Tab 4 10, and both are inexpensive enough to compete with Amazon’s 8-inch and 10-inch tablets (although it looks like Amazon might be phasing out their Fire HD 10 since they didn’t release a new one).

The 8-inch Lenovo Tab 4 was released a couple days ago, but the 10-inch version is still a few weeks away.

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 is kind of like a nicer version of the Fire HD 8.

With a retail price of $129, it’s a bit more expensive than the $79 HD 8, but once it starts going on sale for like $109, and with the comparable Fire being $95 without ads, the price difference isn’t as much as it would seem.

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 is thinner and lighter than the Fire HD 8, and it has more RAM, better cameras, front-facing speakers, and Android Nougat 7.1 instead of Fire OS 5. But the Fire HD 8 boasts longer battery life and it supports higher capacity memory cards.

The Tab 4 8 and Tab 4 10 both have 1280 x 800 IPS HD screens, which is pretty standard these days. Lenovo is also expected to release Plus models later this year with higher resolution full HD screens.

The Tab 4 tablets have quad-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space. MicroSD cards are supported up to 128GB. They also feature Bluetooth, a 5MP rear camera, and a 2MP front camera. Battery life is rate at 10+ hours for the 8-inch model and 13+ hours for the 10-inch model.

Lenovo is marketing these tablets toward kids as well. There’s a kids mode designed for children and they sell a Kids’ Package add-on pack that includes a bumper case, a blue light filter, and stickers for the back.

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 is currently available from the Lenovo website for $129. The 10-inch model is $179 but it looks like it won’t be available until next month. Both are also listed on Amazon but shipping is still a few weeks away.

6 Responses to “New 8″ and 10″ Lenovo Tab 4 Tablets Look Nice for the Price”

  1. I love Lenovo’s laptops; I have had many over the years, but I have owned 2 of their tablets and would advise you to stay away from them. My current one is a lenovo yoga 2 tablet android 7 inch… when I boot it up to the welcome screen a popup says “Temperature too high, will shut down” and the battery is at %65535 even though I drained it down. I tried many times to do a factory reset, but it still dead in the water. When I get the time I’ll try to reinstall Android from an SD.

    • Weird, never heard of that before… I’ve had a Lenovo Tab 2 A 10 for the past 2 years and use it every day without any problems. My mom has one too and it works great. I’ll probably get the 10″ Plus model when it comes out since I’ve had good luck with Lenovo. It’s just one of those things, I guess. I had problems with a couple ASUS tablets and would never buy that brand again, but they’re still quite popular so I guess most people have better luck with them.

      • Yes it’s just one of those things. I bought the first tablet Lenovo made when it came out which had some issues. I gave that one away to my brother. The Yoga 2 android 7 inch tablet is well built, I loved it, but one day I that problem popped up and I spent many hours going to forums and trying many different instructions, holding this button down and that button to get into where I could do a reset. I have a version of Android for it and just waiting to load it up on to an SD 🙂

    • Had problems with the early death of a Lenovo tablet as well. I’ve had lots of Thinkpads, all without problems, but I think I’ll stay away from their tablets.

      The one thing *worse* than the Lenovo tablet I had, though, was their tech support. ‘Awful’ is to weak of a word for it.

      I’ll stick with the Fire.

  2. I have a Lenovo Tab2 A10-70 that is a great tablet. It was fairly priced at $200 and had a screen resolution of 1920X1200.

    They followed that up with the Tab3 Plus, which is almost identical, but with a later Android. These are the best bargain tablets on the market. They are well built, have decent specs and have mostly stock Android. Way better than Amazon’s Fire tablets.

    The Tab4 resolution is disappointing. Hopefully the Tab4 Plus will make up for it.

  3. I have enovo 10″ tb-x103f sold as tab 3 about 6 months now and use it daily. I am very happy with it and it cost about 100 bucks.