10″ E Ink ReMarkable eReader and Notepad Starts Shipping This Month

Remarkable Tablet

Yesterday the reMarkable blog posted an update about the progress of the new 10.3-inch reMarkable digital paper tablet.

They expect to start shipping the first wave of pre-orders, which consists of a surprising 11,000 units, later this month on August 29th.

They first started accepting pre-orders last November when the reMarkable was first announced.

At the time they said orders would start shipping in August 2017 so it’s good to see that things are right on schedule (that rarely happens with these kinds of things).

The next wave of orders start shipping in October, with pre-orders selling for $479, including a case and stylus.

The reMarkable is one of the most interesting E Ink devices to come out this year. It has a 10.3-inch E Ink screen with capacitive touch and advanced writing features with a stylus pen that supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The reMarkable is kind of like a smaller version of the Sony DPT-RP1 but it has more features and it supports ePub format in addition to PDF.

I’m going to try to get one to review so stay tuned for more updates! It will be interesting to see how it compares to the Sony DPT-RP1.


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8 Responses to “10″ E Ink ReMarkable eReader and Notepad Starts Shipping This Month”

  1. A dream come true! Next year or so I will make up my mind between Max Carta and this one.

  2. Why is it surprising that they are shipping 11,000 units in the first wave? As of May 31 they had received about 28,000 preorders in total.

    • First off, it’s surprising that they even reveal sales numbers when no one else ever does. Second, it’s surprising that that many people would order something 10 months in advance before the product even exists, especially from a company that no one has ever heard of and has no track record. Usually when a new E Ink ereader gets put up on some crowdfunding website they’re lucky to sell a few hundred units.

    • Ghost products are many. Failed crowdfunding attempts are numerous. And then there are also cases where companies crumble under the pressure of unexpected demand. It’s truly remarkable if Remarkable becomes none of those.

  3. I think the 2nd round of shipments happen in September (what I signed for), then October. Excited to see this happening…

  4. The Remarkable tablet has now been delayed 2 weeks per a Blog release on their website.