Boyue Likebook Plus, Another 7.8-inch 300ppi eReader with Android

Likebook Plus

Another version of the new 7.8-inch 300ppi Boyue ereader recently turned up for sale on AliExpress.

The device is called the Boyue Likebook Plus and it’s selling for $199 USD.

It’s very similar to the Icarus Illumina XL HD that just started shipping.

Boyue makes ereaders for a variety of companies so they often turn up under different names with slightly different configurations.

Regardless, these new models are the first ereaders since the Kobo Aura One to feature 7.8-inch 300ppi E Ink screens. The Aura One has been out for over a year now so it was about time others started following its lead.

Like Boyue’s other ereaders, the Likebook Plus runs Android 4.2.2 and is open to install apps. It comes with Google Play onboard. The built-in apps support the following formats: PDF, EPUB, FB2, RTF, MOBI, TXT, HTML/HTM.

According to the spec sheet, it has 16GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM, with a quad-core 1.5GHz Cortex processor. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a capacitive touchscreen, frontlight, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. No microSD card slot on this model though.

Below is a YouTube video with a quick look at the new Likebook Plus.

Likebook Plus Video

17 Responses to “Boyue Likebook Plus, Another 7.8-inch 300ppi eReader with Android”

  1. Will android ereaders be able to indefinitely run the apps on 4.2…..or will they eventually have to find a way to run a newer version?

    • If you’ve got an older version installed it isn’t going anywhere if a newer version is released with a new minimum OS requirement, if that’s what you mean. I fired up my old Nook Touch the other day and it has a bunch of apps from like 5 years ago that still work just fine.

      • Yes…that’s what i was asking. Thank you. I wasnt sure if you’d have to update, or lose the app eventually.

  2. which one do you recommend? Boyue likebook or Icarus Illumina XL HD?
    I had very bad experience with Kobo Aura One and 8″ size is a must for me.
    Also please modify the website codes as any one who comment on a post, can receive other comments by email automatically. Tnx

  3. I was a bit confused by your first sentence, as I had read of the Boyue Likebook before and thought this was another version of it (possibly with Micro-SD which is the one thing missing from this for me). But I guess you are talking about the version I read about with quadcore CPU etc.

    Looking at the Aliexpress listing there’s another little bit of confusion to be found: While it sadly doesn’t say anything about microSD, in the specs table under storage it states “Built-in 16 g, can be extended to 32 gb”. I wonder what type of extension that might be? Is it simply about the ability to plug in an OTG-USB drive, as someone suggested in the comments of another site? That would be a somewhat lame thing to put in the specs like that (plus I’d reckon you could use >32GB like that).

  4. Interesting for me. Only for sale in aliexpress, not in others sites like bangood.
    In only appears boyue jdread and t80. Nothing about this ereader.

  5. What is battery life like on those three models?

  6. It is weird I can not find any reliable reviews online…forums are dead silent and it seems as if no one has the device yet to provide real feedback…

  7. Good morning, Good post. Good work.
    Question: Do you know when thw new Onix boox max 2, max 2pro, note, y canvas, are on sale, or the Price? I like for sale on bangood, too, cause i want to buy the boyue likebook 7,8″, I don’t undestand why are only on sale in aliexpress and is not at bangood. and in aliexpress i tried sometimes for to buy, send documents, and i can’t.
    Thank you for the information.

    • I don’t think Onyx even knows yet. They’ve been saying later this year all year and now that it’s almost the end of the year they still don’t give a definitive time frame. I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another 4-6 months before they become readily available, and by then they’ll already be demoing newer versions. I’ve never seen a company so unable to decide on what products to offer. They have like 47 different variations available at one time!

    • have you already bought boyue likebook 7.8 inch? if not, please contact us and we will help you if you have any questions

  8. I bought a likebook plus with 7.8” monitor, and have been using it daily for a week. Specs looked awesome on paper, but in real life operation it’s below par with first gen Kindle.

    1. It may have quad-core but e-ink is slow in transition. So effect was like you’ve got a v8 under the hood but only got 13” tyres;

    2. regardless whatever font you’ve chosen when reading with Kindle App, it always went back to the default one every time it went to Sleep mode or power-off;

    3. There’s no indicator light anywhere, so you wouldn’t know if the ebook isn’t really in the process of turning on (after you pressed the power on button)…..

    All in all the android-based e-book reader is ok if one hasn’t used kindle before, or you really need a 7.8” e-book reader, otherwise I’d prefer the Kindle Paperwhite (much cheaper) or Voyage (similarly priced).

  9. yes you can. I did as well. However, ram was collapsed and now the device is not working. I do not suggest you to download any other android app other than ones that have already been dowloaded

    • I have Google play books installed. It works fine, even in combination with a steaming audio ap running in the background over Bluetooth.