Woot Deals on Refurbished Kindles and Fire Tablets from $15 and Up

Woot Kindle Deals

Once again Woot has a bunch of refurbished Kindles and Fire tablets available at deep discounts.

You can get a Kindle Keyboard with free 3G wireless for $15! They also have the 3G Kindle Touch for $25. One main difference with these older models is they support audio and text-to-speech unlike the newer models.

Another good deal for a frontlit model, they have the Kindle Paperwhite 2 available for $49.99.

If you prefer a Kindle with buttons they have the 5th gen Kindle for $19.99.

The best deal for a Fire tablet is a one-day only sale. They have what appears to be the 5th generation Fire HD 8 starting at $39.99. That model used to sell for $150 new so that’s not a bad price. Battery life isn’t as good as the current model but the screen is brighter and the build quality was a bit nicer back then.

They also have the Fire HD 6 available for $25 again, $35 for 16GB. The 7-inch 323ppi Kindle Fire HDX can be had for $65.

Several other older Kindle and Fire tablet models are on sale as well.

Here’s the page with the full list of deals:

Woot Tablet Deals

4 Responses to “Woot Deals on Refurbished Kindles and Fire Tablets from $15 and Up”

  1. The key word here is “refurbished”. Take a look at some of the Amazon-offered refurbished device reviews — those done by 3rd-parties — for examples of what you *might* be buying.

    Even those devices claiming to be “certified refurbished” on Amazon are basically a crapshoot. Here, what are the odds that a $15 – $40 device from *this* site has been “refurbished” with care, especially the battery?

    • Woot is owned by Amazon so it’s not surprising for them to unload stock there. I hear far more reports of refurbished units being like new than them having any problems. It’s not like you can’t return it if there’s an issue.

  2. Already sold out of the only one that really matters (KKB 3G). 🙂

    • Yeah, it was the first to go. It’s surprising how popular that model still is to this day, but for $15 it’s hard to pass up just for nostalgia sake, especially with 3G. Even I was tempted to buy one and another ereader is the last thing I need…