Kindle 10th Anniversary Sales – $39 Kindle, 85% off eBooks, Giveaways

Kindle 10th Anniversary Deals

Amazon has just kicked off a big sales event on all things related to Kindle to celebrate the Kindle’s 10th anniversary. Here’s the page with the complete list of deals: Kindle 10th Anniversary Sales.

They have some really good deals on Kindle ereaders, and this time the sale is for everybody and not just Prime members.

You can get a Kindle Paperwhite for $89, or an entry-level Kindle for $49—both are $10 less refurbished.

The Voyage is on sale for $30 off as well, and the refurb is $135.

They’ve also got a list of top-selling Kindle books at up to 85% off.

Kindle Unlimited subscriptions are on sale as well, with 33% off a 1-year membership and 40% off a 2-year subscription.

A 1-year Audible membership is $50 off.

They also have daily giveaways where you can enter to win prizes. Today they’re giving away 7 different ebooks where you have to answer a question or watch a video to see if you win.

I don’t really understand the purpose of the giveaways. Most people aren’t going to win so it’s just going to annoy folks more than anything. After a couple of failed tries I had no interest in wasting my time proceeding further.

Most if not all of these deals end on October 25th.

Kindle 10th Anniversay Deals

Kindle eReaders

Kindle – $49
Kids Kindle – $69
Kindle Paperwhite – $89
Kindle Voyage – $169

Certified Refurbished Kindles
Kindle – $39
Kindle Paperwhite – $79
Kindle Voyage – $134

Kindle Books

Kindle Unlimited – Up to 40% off
85% off Top-Selling Kindle Books

More Deals

Audible – $50 off 1-year membership
Kindle Trade-in Promo – $50 bonus credit towards Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Travel Gear – 20% Off
Kindle Giveaways – Good luck!

3 Responses to “Kindle 10th Anniversary Sales – $39 Kindle, 85% off eBooks, Giveaways”

  1. So can you apply the $50 trade-in credit to a $89 Paperwhite?

    • I don’t think so. The fine print would suggest not, but then again the fine print doesn’t say anything about a $75 limit either so hard telling…

  2. I guess I’ll be the first to say it: Too bad the All-New Kindle Oasis E-reader isn’t on sale for $30 off.