Prime Members Don’t Forget Your Free eBooks with Prime Reading

Prime Reading

Prime Reading is one of the many perks available for Amazon Prime members. It provides unlimited access to a small library of Kindle ebooks, along with some comics, magazines and even some audiobooks.

It’s one of those things that’s easy to forget about, especially if you don’t use it regularly, but they often add new titles to the list so it’s worth keeping an eye on for some good reads.

Currently there’s over 1,200 books available to borrow (you can have up to 10 downloaded at once).

I recently noticed that The Lord of the Rings is available to read for free with Prime Reading.

It’s the entire series in one volume like it was meant to be, and the Kindle ebook normally sells for $16.99 so it’s nice to be able to read it for free.

There are lots of other popular books with good reviews available for free through Prime Reading as well.

Here’s the list of Prime eligible Kindle books.

Unsurprisingly Harry Potter tops the list, but there are several other best sellers too.

They also have a few dozen comics and graphic novels available, including some Star Wars comics.

If you are an Amazon Prime member don’t forget to check the Prime Reading selection once in awhile for good books.

Prime Reading

4 Responses to “Prime Members Don’t Forget Your Free eBooks with Prime Reading”

  1. The problem with prime reading is that the books offered are either old and I have already read the good ones or they are not choice. I have checked and rechecked. For me, and probably many others,this is not an option.

  2. Our Prime account is in my wife’s name. Does that mean she is the only one who can download these books? I am listed as family member and get free shipping, but don’t seem to be able to download books unless I pay for them.

    • Apparently you can share ebooks from the Kindle Owners Lending Library but not Prime ebooks. Here’s Amazon’s help section with more info: Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits.

    • My husband is the Prime member on our household account. I have been able to download one book a month(free for Prime members)for several years, from the Kindle First books (or whatever the current name is) until recently with no problem. Now I am being informed that to continue to do that, I have to log in with my husband’s e-mail address to have it downloaded to my Kindle. I don’t know and cannot get an answer about whether this is a recent change or Amazon has allowed me to do this in error for some time.