Kindle Book License Limit Explained

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Have you ever tried downloading a Kindle book but couldn’t because it says the license limit was exceeded?

This comes up sometimes, and it happens because Kindle books can only be downloaded to a certain number of devices and apps at the same time.

With most ebooks you can only have six copies downloaded to various devices and apps.

If you try to download a book to a seventh device you’ll get a license limit exceeded warning.

Some books allow fewer than six simultaneous downloads—some only allow one or two—but most regular ebooks allow six.

All you have to do is delete the book from one of your other devices or apps and then sync to be able to download the book to another device.

Sometimes what happens is you may forget that you have the book downloaded to apps or devices that you no longer use. If that’s the case you can easily delete older devices and apps from the Your Devices section of the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon. That’s a quick way to get your ebook licences back.

This all comes down to the fact that you don’t actually own the ebooks that you purchase. When you buy an ebook you’re really buying a license to view the ebook. Technically you’re not buying the book at all, as noted in Amazon’s Kindle Store terms: Kindle Content is licensed, not sold, to you by the Content Provider.

15 Responses to “Kindle Book License Limit Explained”

  1. I just download to the Amazon Cloud. Never had a problem. I have a lot of books. I never have a problem.

  2. The bottom-line is that it is a ridiculously arbitrary and stupid limitation. If you buy the right to read the book then you ought to be allowed to read that book on whatever device you own.

    The thing about ridiculous limitations is that they tend not to survive. This won’t be a thing at some point in the future.

    More to the point, though, as you point out this is probably not (much) of a limitation for most folks and it isn’t a limitation at *all* in practice since it can be easily defeated by those who care to do so.

    • How? I have had a seriesof iphones and ipads and each hasheldmy books and now I can’t access them on my iiphone 6s

  3. Stupid alright. What do you do when devices die? Right now I have no devices with ESV study Bible to read phone new tablet one dead tab 4 years old. Cancel the license. Why something like this solo difficult…..

  4. Yes… How do you download to the Amazon cloud?

  5. Many thanks, helped me to send books to my new device.

  6. I only have one device registered and have only ever downloaded one book and I am getting this notification now when trying to download a book???

  7. Initially, I have a Kindle fire tablet on which I had purchased e-books from Amazon downloaded on my Kindle tablet. Now, my tablet is dead with only red screen showing. I, now, have only Kindle app on windows and iPhone. I can download all books on both devices and read them except on English Dictionary I purchased from Amazon. Now, problem is, every time I try download it on my iPhone, I’m unable to download it because a message pops up LICENCE LIMIT EXCEEDED YOU CANT DOWNLOAD IT!!!

  8. “All you have to do is delete the book from one of your other devices” I don’t see how to do this in the Library on these devices. Touch the icon, and book opens – How to delete?

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