Waterproof Waterfi Kindle Paperwhite $99 Refurbished

Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Waterfi

Waterfi has been selling the Kindle Paperwhite with aftermarket waterproofing for several years now.

For a long time that was the only option for a waterproof Kindle, until the new Kindle Oasis came along.

Now Waterfi has a cheaper option available where you can get a refurbished Kindle Paperwhite for $99 that’s waterproof.

The 3G model adds an extra $30. Both include ads but you can always unsubscribe from them for $20.

$99 is a pretty good deal considering Amazon is currently selling refurbished Kindle Paperwhites for the same exact price sans the waterproofing. Sometimes they go on sale for $79, but still seeing the waterproof ones available for $99 is pretty surprising considering how much they usually sell for when waterproofed.

New Waterfi Kindles typically sell for $229, but they’re currently on sale for $199 from Waterfi’s website. Unfortunately they’re still priced at $229 on Amazon.

The Waterfi Kindles are IPX8 rated and are waterproof down to 210 feet. They come with a 6 month warranty from Waterfi; the Amazon warranty is no longer valid because of the aftermarket treatment.

Waterfi Kindles

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