B&N Releases New App for Book Recommendations and Discussions


Barnes and Noble has released a new app called Browsery that is designed to give people a platform to discuss books and give/get recommendations.

It’s similar to Goodreads in some ways, but that’s owned by Amazon so B&N has created this new option for their customer base and for those that don’t want to use Goodreads.

With the Browsery app, people can like, comment, and ask questions or answers questions left by others in the community.

To help create buzz, B&N plans to share Browsery content on social media channels, with a daily post featuring the Browsery “Question of the Day”.

They’ll also highlight some of the top answers and recommendations from customers, booksellers, and authors alike.

Here’s more from the press release:

Authors will be encouraged to share their opinions and favorite customer posts with their followers on social media. Browsery will also be integrated into select store events to bring mobile readers into the real-time author conversations that only Barnes & Noble can facilitate.

The Browsery app is available to download for free on Android and iOS.

2 Responses to “B&N Releases New App for Book Recommendations and Discussions”

  1. Speaking of B&N, I recently bought a Nook GL3 when my PaperWhite 3 died. When they asked if I wanted the 2-year replacement plan, I asked the clerk whether they thought B&N would be around in 2 years.

    “Don’t think so” was his reply. I got the plan anyway. You never know.

    Point is, stick with Goodreads

  2. This is a fail There is no website to login to it is app only and the app is really congested and cluttered. I have no intentions to visit it again

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