Big Library Read: Read Cowboy Pride for Free

Big Library Read

OverDrive is doing another one of their Big Library Read promotions where you can checkout their selected ebook from public libraries without any wait lists or holds.

This time around the selected title was voted on by OverDrive users, and it’s available for immediate download for the next two weeks from over 19,000 participating libraries.

The Big Library Read ebook is Cowboy Pride by Lacy Williams.

According to the description, the book is a Wild West version of Pride and Prejudice.

The ebook is available as the Big Library Read title from July 9th through July 23rd.

To download the book, just head over to your library’s Overdrive portal. There’s a banner for it on the homepage if your library is participating.

You can read the book using the Overdrive or Libby app, and if you have an ebook reader that supports Adobe DRM you can read the book on it too.

Kindle ereaders also support OverDrive in the US and you can have the ebook delivered to your Kindle over Wi-Fi.

Also, OverDrive has some books available for kids too with their Summer Read Program, which runs through July 18th.

Here’s the description for Cowboy Pride:

Liza Bennett has two missions in life: keep the family’s shop afloat, and ensure her shy sister finds love. Sparks fly when she meets rancher Rob Darcy at a town dance, but when she overhears him insult her, she vows to put the man out of her mind. Rob Darcy is instantly attracted to the vivacious Liza but a lack of social graces and the promise he’s keeping ruin his chances of winning her.

Once jilted, Janie Bennett is appropriately gun-shy of falling in love again. But she doesn’t seem to be able to help herself when she meets charming Nathan Bingley. Bingley desperately wants a wife and family of his own. Can he trust that Janie returns his feelings?

When Janie is injured in a spring storm, she and Liza are sequestered on Nathan’s ranch. Hearts and emotions get tangled, but will first impressions prove true, or false?

Big Library Read

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