10 Free Kindle Books and Kindle Unlimited Deals

It’s a good time for another roundup of 10 free Kindle ebooks for the weekend.

Also, Amazon’s deals on Kindle Unlimited are still ongoing despite the fact that Prime Day has come and gone. You can still get a 2-year subscription for 40% off, or a 1-year subscription for 33% off, or 3 months for $0.99. No Prime membership required.

Please note that the free Kindle books listed below are free as of July 21st, 2018. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days before going back to the regular list price.

A good place to find more free Kindle books is on the free bestsellers list at Amazon.

You don’t need to own a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet to read these free ebooks; you can use a free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, or use a computer or web browser.

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10 Free Kindle eBooks

Cooking Spirits: An Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mystery by Joanne Pence

Mystery, 4.5 stars, 98 reviews

Culinary queen Angie Amalfi has put aside her gourmet utensils to concentrate on planning her upcoming wedding to San Francisco homicide detective Paavo Smith. What could possibly go wrong? Instead of the answer to her heart’s dreams, she scrambles to deal with wedding planners with bizarre ideas, wedding dresses that don’t flatter, squabbling relatives with hurt feelings, a long-suffering groom, and worries over where she and Paavo will live after the wedding. But all of that pales when Angie finds the perfect house for them, except for one little problem–the house may be haunted…

Shadows & Secrets by Jane Hinchey

Fantasy, 4.9 stars, 58 reviews

After years of wrestling an inner fire demon who’s sensitive to heat, the last place Rae Shelton wants to go is back to her sweltering Texas hometown. But when her grandmother dies, she has no choice but to return to settle her affairs. On the verge of losing control of the beast within, she vows to get the hell out of Dodge as soon as the ink dries on the paperwork. And not even the sexy supernatural agent who wants her help to rid the town of vampires can convince her to stay. After all, she hasn’t killed a vampire since she was five years old…

The Bearer’s Burden by Chad Queen

Science Fiction, 4.9 stars, 27 reviews

Cade Elegy’s mind is tearing itself apart, crowded with the phantoms of the dead, and he must carry the burdens they could not. This bond lends him their experience and allows him to bend the laws of the physical world — a power he desperately needs if he is to discover the truth of what happened to his missing family. The trail has gone cold, but he is given one last chance when he is recruited by a princess to solve a murder. They soon uncover proof that their war with the Wraiths, a hostile alien race dominating their planet, never really ended…

Deadly Deceit (Rim Country Mysteries Book 1) by Karen Randau

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.5 stars, 46 reviews

A cocoon of naiveté shatters on Rita Warren’s thirtieth wedding anniversary, when a terrorist murders her ex-Marine husband Jared and thirteen other movie goers.

Ensnarled in a cover-up that puts her in an assassin’s crosshairs, Rita must unravel a web of lies and connections that date back to Jared’s service in the Iraq war – before a mysterious kidnapper returns Rita’s daughter Zoe one body part at a time.

Love’s Prayer (First Street Church Romances Book 1) by Melissa Storm

Romance, 4.6 stars, 182 reviews

Ben Davis has lived in the shadow of his family’s mistakes for years. Forced to give up all his dreams, he wonders if death by his own hand might be the only way out. A desperate plea sent to the God he isn’t even sure he believes in is soon answered by a series of miracles that bring Summer and Ben crashing into each other. Summer loves the busy life of the city, but agrees to spend the season in Sweet Grove, running her aunt’s flower shop while figuring out what to do with her life after. One thing’s for sure, she’s a terrible florist. Luckily, her latest mishap leads her to a man with pleading, soulful eyes she’s all too happy to get lost in…

Murder On The Menu: The 1st Nikki Hunter Mystery by Nancy Skopin

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.5 stars, 76 reviews

Private Investigator Nicoli “Nikki” Hunter has lost enthusiasm for the bar and restaurant surveys that pay the bills but no longer challenge her. When the brutal murder of socialite, (and stripper), Laura Howard lands on her desk, she finally encounters a case worthy of her talent. Murder on the Menu is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Nikki Hunter. The only child of a Cossack and a former nun, Hunter is a smart, tenacious thirty-five-year-old, who lives aboard a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay Area and works out of a ground floor office in the marina complex where she lives…

1123 Hard To Believe Facts by Nayden Kostov

Reference, 4.5 stars, 42 reviews

The book will be your strongest ally in combatting social awkwardness and will arm you with plenty of icebreaking pieces of trivia, suitable for any occasion. Following the success of my site RaiseYourBrain and numerous requests from readers, I decided to compile some of the most interesting facts in a book. That’s why I decided to collect the best gems of breath-taking trivia and to present you a great compilation of verified facts, suitable for a broad audience. This is the result of years of sifting through history and reference books on a myriad of subjects as well as searching the Internet and paying attention to the news…

Found (The Conduit Chronicles Book 1) by Ashley Hohenstein

Fantasy, 4.6 stars, 73 reviews

Ophelia Banner has a thriving psychology practice in San Francisco California. Life is normal or at least tolerable, most days. The problem is that Ophelia isn’t normal, she never has been. She’s been plagued with her curse, as she fondly refers to it, since she could remember. A cruel joke bestowed upon her since birth that enables her to absorb and compel people to share their inner most feelings and secrets. At least it made her a hell of a therapist. In a fated moment everything about Ophelia’s life will change after an encounter with a golden-eyed stranger. She is thrust into a world where historical heroes, Gods and monsters alike are no longer just legends or the contents of nightmares—but frightfully real…

Of Murders and Mages: Casino Witch Mysteries 1 by Nikki Haverstock

Mystery, 4.6 stars, 53 reviews

And oh yeah, there’s five dead bodies, and no one knows how they are connected. Now she’s drawn into a madcap investigation at the casino where she’s managed to snag a job. She must navigate learning her new mage abilities, a topless burlesque show, a jealous girlfriend, gamblers of all varieties, and magical chocolate cake, all while not setting herself or others on fire before the murderer makes her the next victim.

The Definition of Icing (A Dallas Demons Hockey Romance) by Aven Ellis

Romance, 4.5 stars, 47 reviews

Kenley Hunter finally has everything sorted out. Fresh from studying chocolate making in Europe, she’s gambling everything on her new business, Confection Consultations. All Kenley wants in life is people to take her seriously, to see the person on the inside rather than the blond beauty on the outside. While pursuing her passion of chocolate, Kenley discovered people seek her knowledge. They see past the exterior and fall for the chocolate delights in front of them. So with work as her focus, Kenley is ready to start her career in Dallas. Men are out of her recipe, because she fears that once they get past her looks, they’ll be disappointed in what they find. Kenley decides she’s all about the chocolate now.

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