Kobo Releasing New eBook Reader with Page Buttons in October

Kobo Forma

It looks like Kobo is getting set to launch a new ereader in a couple of weeks.

Not much is known about the new device yet, but they accidentally let a picture of it get out early, which seems to happen just about every time Kobo releases a new ebook reader.

What’s interesting about this new model is it’s the first Kobo to have page buttons since the Kobo Wifi that was released in 2010.

The new Kobo looks a lot like the Kindle Oasis with the page buttons situated on one side of the screen, but it doesn’t appear to have the unusual contoured shape of the Kindle Oasis.

The new model is called the Kobo Forma, at least in Spanish that’s what they’re calling it.

The picture shows the power button and USB port on the side next to the buttons. That seems like an odd placement with your hand resting there to use the page buttons.

Aside from the side with buttons, the bezel is really small on the other three sides just like the Oasis.

It’s hard to tell anything else from the picture. The device looks like it probably has a 6 or 7-inch screen. And it’s interesting how one picture shows landscape mode, which is something Kobos don’t have for ebooks so perhaps they’re finally going to add that feature.

The new model is expected to get released on October 16th, but Kobo will probably announce it a week or two before then to start accepting pre-orders.

via: MobileRead

8 Responses to “Kobo Releasing New eBook Reader with Page Buttons in October”

  1. Great, I’ve been waiting for physical buttons. If it has the orange backlight for night reading, I’ll probably buy it.

    • I’d bet that it does. The real question is how much will it cost? $250-$300 like the Kindle Oasis? The new Clara HD is $129 so it’ll certainly be quite a bit higher than that.

  2. My bet is that it is 7.8″
    Looks like a VERY small battery in the same position as the Oasis. Probably super light.
    I must admit, it looks good. A real challenge for the Oasis. Pricing will be interesting.
    Will Amazon also put out something??

  3. That’s an instant purchase for me if it does have landscape mode. The device looks awesome 👏🏼
    I wonder if it’ll have higher than 300 ppi

  4. Looks like a straight copycat of the Kindle oasis, and I hate the Oasis design. This is a major disappointment. Really Kobo!?!

  5. Finally we get a release notice. I’m excited to learn more about it, including the pricing and features. We shall see, right now it’s a waiting game.

  6. Looking closely at the pictures, it seems landscape mode should actually be considered the default for this device. Notice the orientation of the Kobo name/logo. If landscape is the default, then the power button and USB connector are actually on the bottom, a more “standard” position.

    It this has a 7.8″ 300DPI (or better) screen and comes in at under $250, I will likely go for one very soon after release.

  7. Waterproof or no deal here …