Kindle Voyage on Sale for $129 Today Only

Kindle Voyage

Woot is back at it again with another Kindle sale. This is a 1-day only deal for January 23rd.

This time around they have the Kindle Voyage available for $129. It’s in new condition and comes with a 1-year Amazon warranty.

This ties the lowest price ever for a new Kindle Voyage.

Woot was previously selling them for $149 until this sale came along; the Wi-Fi Kindle Voyage originally sold for $199 new before Amazon discontinued it.

The Kindle Voyage was released back in 2014 so it’s pretty old by electronics standards, but it has the same software as the current Kindles and offers most of the same features.

It’s quite a bit nicer than the new Kindle Paperwhite if you don’t need the extra storage space, Audible support, and waterproofing. See the Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Paperwhite review for a closer look.

These are Wi-Fi versions with international 3G wireless, but the 3G doesn’t work in North America so it’s essentially a Wi-Fi model.

Update: This deal has ended but they still have refurbished Kindle Voyages available for $89. Also keep an eye on the tablet deals page at Woot for more Kindle offers.

Kindle Voyage Deal

7 Responses to “Kindle Voyage on Sale for $129 Today Only”

  1. Darn, just missed this! I was really waiting for new Voyages to come back in stock somewhere, too.

    I’ve added your blog to my RSS reader so this hopefully won’t happen again 🙁

    • They still have some refurbished ones at Woot for $89. I updated the article to add a link.

      • Thanks! They were selling more $129 new Voyages in the tablets link you provided, so I managed to snag one!

        • I just wanted to update as I’ve received my Voyage. I didn’t realize quite how much the capacitative touch page turn buttons would suck, but that’s on me. The front lighting is indeed also quite uneven. The screen looks fantastic, otherwise.

          On the bright side, I didn’t know these international versions are ad-free. Also, the 3G appears to work on mine in the US, so that’s another bonus.

          • Thank you so much for that update on the Voyage from the Woot.
            I just got new Paperwhite 2018 and even though this is my first Kindle ever, I’m really frustrated by its grayish ghostly text. It seems like the Voyage is the king of the clear text, except the screen issue.

            I’m just curious, how bad is the screen uniformity issue on your device? Is it visibly yellow on the top and blue on the bottom?

            Thank you

  2. There’re still lots of deals. What about the Oasis 1? Is its screen still worse in clarity than that of the Voyage? It looks like a good deal even for $149.99. Thank you!