How to Enable Google Play App on Onyx Boox eReaders (Video)

Onyx Android

Onyx’s ebook readers run Android 6.0 and have the ability to install apps from Google Play, but by default the Play Store app does not show up on Onyx’s ereaders until you enable it from the settings menu.

However, enabling the app isn’t enough because it will just give an error message about the device not being Play Protect certified.

You have to use a workaround to get the Google Play app to function properly.

It’s actually really easy and it only takes a few taps to get the Play Store app up and running.

Here’s how it works (note that these directions are for the newer 2.0 software version, not the older firmware):

How to Activate Google Play

  1. Go to Settings > Application > Enable Google Play.
  2. After enabling Google Play tap where it says GSF ID.
  3. Sign in to your Google account.
  4. Reboot for good measure and then install apps!

Onyx has a YouTube video showing how to active the Google Play Store on Onyx devices but for some odd reason the video is unlisted so it’s not exactly easy to find.

How to Activate Google Play

6 Responses to “How to Enable Google Play App on Onyx Boox eReaders (Video)”

  1. Mine is not working even after all the steps in the video and on this article

  2. I got it to work… You follow the steps listed. Then I rebooted. Then I went to the Google settings, and store was not signed in. Signed in, and am able to access my apps.

  3. My Nova pro doesn’t look the same as the ones I’ve seen. Doesn’t come with the Chinese default apps and store. Everything was in Russian and from Russia. Google play won’t work and it can’t get access to look for updates. WiFi is on and working. Can’t find GSF ID anywhere.