Onyx Working on New Concept to Add Page Buttons to eReaders (Video)

Onyx Viking Concept

Onyx has developed a new 6-inch ebook reader with a unique design that adds page turn buttons to a removable cover.

At this point it’s just a prototype and they’re listening to customer feedback to see if it’s something that people would like to have, but it certainly looks interesting.

There’s a POGO pin connector on the back of the reader that connects to the cover.

When the cover is attached you can use the page buttons to turn pages.

They also decided to bring back a memory card slot because of popular demand (hopefully that’s something they go back to with all future models).

Aside from the new design, the device is a lot like the Onyx Boox Poke that was released last year. It has a 6-inch screen with a frontlight that has adjustable color temperature, along with a quad-core CPU, but most of the specs are still undetermined since it’s just a prototype.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of adding page buttons to the cover?

Personally I’ve always liked having page buttons so I’ll take them anywhere they want to put them, although I wouldn’t mind just being able to program the back button below the screen to use as a page forward button—no need for a special design or cover (you can use 3rd party apps to change the function of the back button, but the last time I tried that there was no option to set the button for paging).

via: Notebook Italia

Onyx Boox Viking Concept

5 Responses to “Onyx Working on New Concept to Add Page Buttons to eReaders (Video)”

  1. Why not use the Poke’s Bluetooth for this instead of pins? If they do that, I will happily by the physical button cover for mine. Also, every ereader with Bluetooth could do that including Kindles.

  2. They could also probably design a cover that would connect to the USB port that could add page buttons.

    I would like page turn buttons, but I don’t want to have to use a cover to get them. I prefer using a sleeve for protection and holding just the reader when I read.

  3. When will Onyx add SD card slot to the Note book and the Note pro ??
    People are waiting…

  4. Still using my Kobo original from WAAAAY back. wore out the buttons, so I can see why they’d remove them… I fixed ’em easily enough though, it’s just a matter of some rubber dots & some tape. I hate touch screens, period. Tried them, they’re just confusing and hard to use. My big fingers just don’t want to do all those taps and swipes, and I don’t want fingerprints on the screen anyway.
    Oh, and after a decade, this thing still has good battery life. I rarely charge it more than once a week, after several full length novels (I read a LOT. yeah, call me square eyes.) Haven’t seen any of the newer models that would last more than 2 days at that usage. Plus, no “apps” or any of that to worry about, it is to read books, not do computer stuff on! No backlight… who reads in the dark?