Kindle Paperwhite 4 Now Available Certified Refurbished

KIndle Paperwhite 4

Partway down the product page for the Kindle Paperwhite 4, Amazon now has the option to purchase a certified refurbished unit at a discount.

The Kindle Paperwhite 4 was released 6 months ago now so it’s not surprising to see refurbished ones turn up. They’re probably mostly customer returns and open box units that still look like new.

Unfortunately at $119 the price is only $10 less than the price of a new one.

Considering you can currently get a brand new Kindle Paperwhite 3 for $75, $10 off the new Kindle Paperwhite is hardly worth the effort, but it will probably be a better deal when they put it on sale again.

In fact if you have an Amazon Prime card you can get 20% back in points with the purchase of a new Paperwhite so that actually works out as a better deal than getting one refurbished at a slight discount.

Currently they are only selling the 8GB version with Special Offers as refurbished; they aren’t showing an option for the 32GB version yet.

Refurbished Kindles come with the same 1 year warranty as new Kindles so they are a good way to save some extra cash to spend on ebooks instead.

Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite 4

6 Responses to “Kindle Paperwhite 4 Now Available Certified Refurbished”

  1. I’d rather have the PW3. My PW4 is glarey, stutters on page turns and overall it just fells cheaply made; big mistake in buying it! While I’m preaching… What’s with the ultra cheap packaging of the PW4? Same package as the case.

    The Voyage is nice but it has two problems. First is the page turn slits are useless, they need ones as on the Kindle 3. The other is lack of a decent case. Whatever possessed Amazon to come out with that steno pad flip case?

    The big question is whether Amazon can make the Voyage 2 a winner? I’d gladly give them plans for a new Kindle Gutenberg with a 7.5″ screen.

    • You’re absolutely right about the Paperwhite 4. In my opinion it’s the worst paperwhite ever released. Cheaply made, Glare up the Ying Yang, screen not as sharp and crisp. I am not a fan of flash bezels whatsoever. I think they suffers from lighting issues. Even the screen on my Oasis 2 is no match for my paperwhite 3 or Glo HD. The voyage has a very sharp screen but suffers the same flush beze problem which is uneven lighting.

      • You need to get the Oasis 1, should be the best out there, not as sharp as voyage but better than any paperwhite and the 7″ one

  2. Yes I’ve tried the Clara HD and it is nowhere as clear as the Glo HD or the or H2O edition one. Unfortunately eReaders have taken a massive backseat in quality. They don’t make them like they used to. Nothing can compete with infrared. With the exception of the Kindle voyage which has an uneven lighting, all these flush bezels and capacitive touch screens are garbage. I’ll put a Glo HD next to the Kindle Oasis 7” and I almost want to cry. The Glo HD destroys it to pieces. One costs $60 the other $260z makes no sense.