New Kobo Software Update Adds Parental Controls

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Kobo has started rolling out a new software update for their line of ebook readers that adds a couple of new features and fixes some bugs.

Kobo has mostly been doing minor updates lately that aren’t worth talking about, but this update at least adds a couple of new features, including a new parental controls option that lets you set a 4-digit code to access the Kobo store and web browser.

They also improved searches and made it so a book’s table of contents is indented for multiple levels.

The update is available for pretty much all Kobo models except the Kobo Mini and the first non-touchscreen models.

Like usual you can wait for the update to download and install automatically, but Kobo rolls out updates in stages so it could take a few weeks to get it. If you want the update now you can download it from this Kobo Firmware Downloads page.

Here’s the list of changes with the 4.15.12920 update:

Parental controls:
You can set a 4-digit PIN that must be entered to access the store and web browser on your eReader. To turn it on, go to Settings and select Accounts.

Indented table of contents:
If your book’s table of contents contains multiple levels, it will be indented for better readability.

Search improvements:
Typing is now more responsive when searching.

Wi Fi now reconnects more quickly before you search the store, allowing search suggestions to appear as you type.

Previously, when reading .MOBI books, your progress was not remembered.

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One Response to “New Kobo Software Update Adds Parental Controls”

  1. Marian van Lammeren Reply June 3, 2019 at 8:38 am

    Since this new update, the Kobe e reader doesn’t remember the progress anymore of my books of the format .pub.

    Can this be fixed? Or is there a possibility to go quickly multiple pages ahead in a book? Now I have to tap the screen 400 times, when I want to go 400 pages further.

    Regards, Marian